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Powered by Endurance Nation

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Introducing the Powered by Endurance Nation Program

Endurance Nation rolls out their Powered by EN program for local triathlon clubs. This program will allow triathlon clubs of all sizes to use the already proven resources of the 3x Ironman® Tri Club Global Champions and Official Coaching Program of Revolution3 Triathlon.

As a Powered by Endurance Nation partner, local triathlon club members will get access to free resources and incredible discounts. This leaves the club Presidents and members available to focus on other aspects of growing their club. It is Endurance Nation’s hope that through this program, they can significantly decrease the stress of running a team/club and there for help to grow the sport and education of triathlon.

Teams like Raise the Bar, FuelBelt Racing and Reserve Aid helped pilot the program and from now until March 17, 2016 applications will be accepted. Since the program is 100% free to the team/club, applications will only be accepted for one month out of the year to allow Endurance Nation to support their partners.

“The Powered by Endurance Nation Program is a natural extension of the work we do internally for hundreds of triathletes across the US and abroad. Our mission is simple — we focus relentlessly on saving athletes time and money with improved results. Now our partner TriClub and Teams can leverage Endurance Nation training plans, support and resources to improve the experience of their members, giving leadership time to focus on the activities that make their club a fun and exciting place to train and race” – Patrick McCrann co-founder Endurance Nation

To get started simply visit Powered by EN Program HERE

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