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How to race in the wind

How to Race in the Wind

800 800 Mariah Bridges

  Racing the Elements: How to race in the wind   Battling the elements on race day is another added layer of education that always seems to give athletes an extra pause. We know how to swim, bike and run, but what about in wind, rain, dark, heat…. whatever Mother Nature throws at us? Join Coach…

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Gimme Back My Sponges!

Adjusting Your Race Plan For The Heat

798 800 Patrick McCrann

Is it me or does every race seem to be hot these days? Without a doubt, racing in the heat is one of the biggest challenges that endurance athletes face. Staying warm on a cold day isn’t easy, but staying cool under effort is almost impossible. Here is guidance for adjusting your race plan on a…

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2016 January Volume Camp Day Three Recap

240 120 Coach P

Plan for the day was a swim followed by a bike ride. Due to inclement weather on Friday (Day One), we moved the long the long ride back to today. So what was meant to be a lighter day was going to be one of the stronger ones…and we all knew it.

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Coach Patrick's 2015 Ironman Texas Race Report

150 150 Coach P

For the speed readers, the full report is below. For the rest of you this was my 21st Ironman and I went 9:29:xx, good enough for 36th overall…26th male…5th age grouper…and 2nd in the M40-44 age group. My swim was baaaad. The bike was almost perfect and the run was a sufferfest…but my ticket is punched — Kona #7, here I come!

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Ironman Kona Bike

Racing a Windy Triathlon Bike Course

800 495 Rich Strauss

We’ve talked quite a bit on our race execution posts on this blog about how to ride hills in a long course triathlon, but we have done relatively little on how to execute on a windy day. And I recently returned from Ironman® Coeur d’Alene, where strong winds on the out and back section of highway…

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2014 Lake Placid Training Camp Recap

150 150 Coach P

In our 12th year of coming up to Lake Placid, we were not disappointed by the awesomeness of the Adirondacks. We experienced rain and sun, sampled the hills and headwinds, and even snuck in a few swims in Mirror Lake. With our mission being a complete reconnaissance for the Ironman® in July, I can confidently…

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