Meet The Team: Ironman® Mont-Tremblant 2013

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TeamEN will have 9 athletes representing at the 2013 Ironman® North American Championship Mont-Tremblant this Saturday, and they’re all ready to pound it through the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. The weather looks great, though there is a chance of thunder boomers, but that won’t stop our athletes. Let’s take a look at some of the intrepid members of TeamEN at Mont-Tremblant.

Brenda Ross - Team Endurance Nation Brenda Ross

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was an long course duathlete for 8 years and then decided to switch to triathlon. I have been with the team for 3 years and have been participating in long course triathlons for 4 years. I am married to a 9 time IM finisher (Steve Ross) and have finally caught the bug and will be training for Wisconsin after I tackle Tremblant on June 23.

Race day goals are to finish the swim without feeling like I was pulled behind a boat, flatten the hills on the ride and run steady, so in other words……Execute like an EN Ninja



Natalie Pilon - Team Endurance NationNatalie Pilon

I am from Ottawa, ON Canada. Born and raised. This is my fourth year in the sport of triathlon. No specific time goals per say, but my race execution goal is to stay comfortable in the water, keep smooth constant pressure on the bike and NOT give into my walk demons during the run. That’s the biggie for me.



Satish Punna - Team Endurance Nation

Satish Punna

I’m Satish Punna from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Mont Tremblant 70.3® will be my first Half Iron distance race. I started with EN 7 months ago, and prior to that dabbled in triathlon having done three sprint races and an olympic race over the last two years. So far I am really enjoying training with EN. I have learned a lot from the EN team and coaches who have offered lots of great advice to me, the newbie. My wonderful wife and two boys will be accompanying me to Quebec for the race, and I am looking forward to what I hope will be the first of many successful long course triathlons.



William Crawford - Team Endurance NationWilliam Crawford

I am from New London, PA. It is the southeastern part near MD and DE.

I come from a soccer/running background and this is my third year racing triathlons. My wife races them as well. We have done several HIM distance races and in 2012 we did IMLP. I was completely undertrained and unintelligent and was a DNF. I looked around for coaching that fit my needs and I found EN. I am so happy I joined. The plans themselves are worth the money, but all of the interaction and feedback from everyone is priceless. As we head into HMont Tremblant and Mont Tremblant I am better trained and much smarter. Thank you EN.

After last year, my goal is to finish IMMT. However, if all goes well, I hope to finish the HIM in 5:30 and the IM in 12:xx.



Sebastian Kouladjian

I live in Los Angeles and I’ve been in this sport for the past three years. I spent most of my summers in Montreal visiting family since I was a kid. This may contribute to more of the reasons why this course soo much. I hope to do well and try to break my time from last year.


Let’s leave some love in the comments for the members of TeamEN racing this weekend!


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