The Science of Hydration: A NUUN Story

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Nuun Hydration

The Science of Hydration: A Nuun Story

This week on the Endurance Nation podcast, we chat about the science behind hydration, and who better to school us than the CEO of Nuun Hydration, Kevin Rutherford and Vishal Patel, the master behind the science team at Nuun.

Hydration is an essential factor in lubricating joints, regulating body temperature and transporting nutrients throughout your body. But when we exercise, we sweat, increasing our hydration demand and thereby making our pre-, mid-, and post-workout hydration essential. But just how well do you know the true science behind what your body needs to keep going?

The team at Nuun strives to constantly dive into the science and the truth behind what our bodies actually need. In this podcast, we reveal the science behind hydration and the evolution of what we drink and even how we drink it, through the brains and heart behind one of the companies leading the charge.

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