2014 Triathlon Training Plan Sale: September 2013

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[box]Save $100 to $150 thru 9/30/2013![/box]

Inline ImageEndurance Nation is very pleased to release our 2014 Triathlon Training Plans. We made some significant edits from the 2012 editions, including the creation of a new “Short Season Plan” to help those of you training to a race on a compressed timeframe.

Each plan is delivered as a PDF, with extensive support documentation. The coaches are online to support you and, depending on the Team, Rich & Patrick might even be on site to cheer you on come race day!

This training plan sale lasts for September only; we only discount our plans once or twice a year, so don’t miss out on the chance to save and lock in your 2014 preparation. Click here to visit the Endurance Nation Training Plan Store.

Our Triathlon Training Plans are currently in their 12th re-write — an extensive process we undertake every year in our quest to help age group triathletes be their best. They have been used by thousands of age group triathletes as tools to focus their training, save time, and achieve their race day goals.

Go Season Plan

COMPREHENSIVE — FAST (OutSeason) plus FAR (Ironman, 70.3, or Short Course)

Updated for 2014, our Short and Long Season Plans combine our OutSeason® and Short Course, Half or Full Ironman® training plans, allowing  you to choose the combination of FAST then FAR that best fits the length of YOUR season! These plans start at $249 — that’s just $9.50/week!

Go OutSeason® Plan

FAST — The OutSeason® Plans

During the OutSeason, there is no requirement for you to build endurance for the demands of a race. You’ve already spent months building your base with the training and racing you’ve done through the 2013 season. We strategically then drop your training volume significantly, freeing up recovery resources for you to perform and recover from the high intensity workouts that make you FAST.

You then exit February, March, or April significantly faster than 2013 you and with a huge head start on your winter base training friends.

Go IronmanGo 70.3

FAR — Ironman® and Half Ironman® Training Plans

Next, we shift gears and begin to put FAR on top of your shiny new FAST with our 2014 Long Course training plans. Every workout has a purpose and has been honed and improved with one goal in mind: to achieve your best results on a minimum of time invested.

Go Short Course

EVEN FASTER — The Sprint & Olympic Training Plan

Even if you aren’t racing long, Endurance Nation has you covered with our Short Course Training Plan solution. This is the perfect plan to help you reach peak speed and fitness without making the common triathlon-related sacrifices around time and money. 

These plans have been used by thousands of age group triathletes, just like you, to train more efficiently and effectively than ever using our time-efficient Age-Group specific coaching methodology.

Take charge of your training, and use our experience to leap several years — and wasted races — up the learning curve.

Interested in an a la carte training plan solution instead?

    • OutSeason, 14 weeks, $249 $149!
    • Half and Full Ironman, 12 weeks, $299 $199!
    • Half and Full Ironman, 20 weeks, $449 $349!
    • Short Course, 12 weeks, $199 $149!

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