Improving from Back of the Pack to Pack Leader [A Triathlon Case Study]

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Matt Moves to the Front of the Triathlon Pack

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Looking to Race to the Front of the Pack

I have been a back of the pack, self-trained 70.3 triathlete since 2013, and wanted to take my training seriously with the hopes of jumping to a 140.6 by 2020. I joined EN in February 2019 after signing up for Santa Cruz 70.3, Tempe 70.3, and my key race of 2019 Tempe 140.6. I already felt and saw differences in my performance in the first month of following my EN training plan but totally underestimated my gains going into my first race of the season 7 months on my plan. 

Confidence Leads To Success

I felt confident going into my race that I would have a PR – especially on the Bike since I had been training on the Bike Focused 70.3 plan. And I sure did PR… and not like the “I saved a minute, PR” – but a 1 hour, 53 minutes, 13 seconds faster than my last race PR… AND 1 hour and 20 minutes faster than my BEST 70.3 ever. 

Investing in a Healthy Me

Not only am I super proud of my results, but I got to where I am with a healthy and detailed plan that made me stronger and smarter day by day. I invested in “Me,” and the result of where I am today is bigger than a PR (but the PR felt pretty damn good too). I still have key races to accomplish, and I’m going into them with confidence – which is exactly what I had hoped for being a part of EN. 

Grow a Family and Self-Confidence

I feel more confident in all of the disciples of Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run, Nutrition, and Mental Strength) because of my EN training plan, the podcast, the video series, and the community of support (on GroupMe and the EN forums). I use to refer to triathlon as an individual sport – but with EN, I feel like it is a group effort which makes the training, planning, and race(s) even more rewarding. 

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