[CASE STUDY] Stephen Beyer (M45-49)

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Stephen Beyer [Case Study]

[box]This post is part of our regular Case Study series, where we highlight some of the great people that are a part of Team Endurance Nation. Our members are all ages, all abilities…and they are all awesome! We hope you enjoy learning about us. Feel free to surf the blog and Become a Team Member to explore the Team yourself![/box]

Your Name: Steve Beyer

Your Age Group: M45-49

City, State, Country: Bourbonnais Illinois, USA

Your Local Tri Team: N/A

Years of Triathlon: 26

What is Your Team Endurance Nation Age?  Year 2

What EN Category Are You? New-Full-bie (to the IM distance!)

What Do You Do in the Real World? Chiropractor

Your Athletic History Pre-Triathlon:
Very active H.S. athlete, but no endurance sports… football, wrestling, hockey. Began running on own after H.S…..did one marathon, 3:13. 

Why Did You Choose Endurance Nation?
I had set a goal to do a 70.3, and after completing that I wanted to fulfill my longtime goal of a full ironman. BUT, I had NO idea how to approach that training, and wanted to do it right….wasn’t getting any younger. Knew several people had used EN approach with success and everything I read (did my research before joining), made total sense.

Your Results with Endurance Nation:
My HIM the year before joining was 5:45:xx and after training the EN way I did a 5:09:xx…..on a tougher course! For you watt/power geeks…when I first joined my FTP was 238, and my last test, about 2 years after joining, was 275. AND, they got me successfully across the finish line of my first IM in 12:45.

What do you tell folks when they ask you about Endurance Nation?
If you’re willing to put in the work, but not sure how to do it “smartly”, and don’t want to mess around with years of trail-and-error, then this is the place for you!

What race(s) are you targeting next?

IMFL in a little over a week….feel very confident about breaking 12 hours, and think I can realistically break 5 hours next year at a HIM.

** Fun Questions **

If you could invent any piece of triathlon gear, what would it be?


What is the one piece of triathlon gear you swore you’d never get that you now use?

The pointy aero helmet.

What’s Your Tri Food Preference — Liquid/Gel or Solid/Bar?

Liquid / Gel.


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