TOC Camp Stage 2: Davis to Santa Rosa

150 150 Rich Strauss

Theme of the Day: Does it always rain here?!!

Summary: Campers ride in a drizel all day, climb Mt. Howell, a serious KOM, and are met with dry clothes and hot soup in Angwin.

The Full Run Down
The hills and length of Stage 1 provided a good shakedown that identified some maintenance issues to be addressed quickly before/during Stage 2. Coach Rich stayed in Davis to await the opening of Davis Wheelworks while Patrick and the other campers hit the road. Major props to Wheelworks for opening early for us and banging out some critical issues in less then 30 minutes! Rich was back on the road within the hour, driving to the intermediate sprint town of Angwin, which is where the campers would end their day’s riding before making the admin transfer to Pacifica for the start of Stage 3.

Meanwhile, Patrick was leading the group on the ride from Davis. In this, our fourth year of doing the Tour of California, we have NEVER done this stage without rain…and this year was no exception. The ride started out overcast with the rain holding out until the end of the day…just in time for the KOM ascent up Cat 2 Mount Howell and the short descent into Anwgin, were Coach Rich and Camper Chris Malone where able to hook up hot soup for the crew at the end of the ride.

We then loaded up the camp into the vans and drove to Pacifica, our starting location for Stage 3.

Stage 2 Map and Profile

Stage 2 in Pictures and Video

Pre-Ride Prep

Mrs. Coach Rich is ready with hot soup for cold, wet campers

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