Endurance Nation Long Course Triathlon Execution Seminar, Tuesday, June 14th

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Endurance Nation has had over 1000 Ironman® finishers per year, every year, since 2010. We are the 3-time Ironman® Tri Club Global Champions in Division I, for clubs with over 400 members. In that time we’ve created bullet proof processes for successfully racing long course triathlon. For over 15 years, Endurance Nation Coach and Founder Rich Strauss has taught these processes to hundreds of triathletes through his series of training camps on the Ironman® Wisconsin, Lake Placid, Chattanooga, and Louisville courses.

And on Tuesday, June 14th, he will share his experience with you, conducting a 3hr seminar on how to prepare for and race every inch of your next long course triathlon event.

During this seminar, Coach Rich will cover:

  • The Four Keys of Long Course Triathlon Execution: a system of mental tools and strategies used by over 20,000 triathletes since 2008.
  • The Swim: long course triathlon swim pacing, course-specific starting position, navigation strategies, and more.
  • The Bike: pacing the long course triathlon bike using power, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion. He’ll discuss proper gearing, bike fit, aerodynamics, aid station strategies,bike handling skills, how to efficiently ride a hilly bike course, and to set your bike up for improved aerodynamics, simplicity, and success on race day.
  • The Run: pacing the long course triathlon run using heart rate, pace, and rate of perceived exertion. He’ll teach you a proven strategy for setting yourself up for success after Mile 18, the most critical point of your day.
  • Long Course Nutrition: detailed strategies for fueling yourself before and during the event, including aid station actions and more.
  • Race Preparation Training Phase and Race Rehearsals: he’ll share with you a 4-6 week process for dialing all of this in, for you, and then how to conduct two race rehearsals before the event to further hone your plan.
  • The Plan, from Race Week to the Finish Line: finally, Coach Rich will put all of this together for you, detailing exactly what you should do each day of race week and across every inch of your next long course triathlon.

In addition, each participant will receive:

  • A FREE 30-day Endurance Nation trial membership, a $129 value.
  • Swag from Empire Bikes, the title sponsor of this event, as well as other Endurance Nation sponsors.
  • All presentation materials and notes.

Seminar Details:

When: Tuesday, June 14th, 7-10pm
Where: Empire Bikes, 625 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

Cost: Only $119 per person

Registration: please register for the seminar using the Add to Cart button below. No registrations will be allowed at the door, please register in advance of the seminar.

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