Blue Ridge Camp 2016 — Day Two to Mt Mitchell

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The second day of our annual Blue Ridge Training Camp it is devoted entirely to the ascent of Mount Mitchell. Mt Mitchell is the highest point on the Eastern seaboard and represents an incredible achievement for a cyclist.

But Blue Ridge Campers are anything but ordinary! Our campers “softened” their legs by climbing over 7,000 feet on Day One, making the trip to Mount Mitchell is that much harder!

We awoke to find another beautiful day awaiting us. Sunshine with temperatures in the low 70s all day and a slight breeze. Considering the weather that we’ve had here in the past (snow anyone?), the sun was a welcome visitor on the ride.

Anna and Trish Heading Outbound

We left together as a group from Linville Falls. We look forward to the quite Parkway ride every year, and 2016 was no exception. This is due partly in fact to an unexpected road closure heading north on the parkway. As such, we had minimal traffic all day for the ride.

But of course the group split up — as the road went up things simply got harder. Given just how much fatigue the campers had from the first day, there was only so much left to give to Mitchell.

As we discussed at our pre-ride meeting: pacing is critical for success today. Success being defined as reaching the top of Mount Mitchell, of course! This means better fluids, better nutrition, and more.

Everyone who made the climb received a commemorative sticker to mark the occasion!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.50.02 PM

Outside of celebrating the climb, the top of the mountain is also a great place to refuel and get ready for the descent. Nothing makes all that hard work worthwhile like some food and some fast descending!

The return trip was really split into two groups: those doing the full ride back to the start and those stopping at mile 56. In either way, campers were able to reach the summit and getting some phenomenal riding.

Then it was time for an incredible dinner at, where else, the Pedalin’ Pig!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update on the final route selection.

The Blue Ridge Camp is our annual cycling expedition to build early-season fitness and have a great time. Between riding bikes we also have fun and drink lots of beer. Interested in joining us? The doors will open in early May for early bird registration. You can learn more online here.

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