Blue Ridge Camp 2016 — Day Three Beech Mountain or BSG 50

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The day after the Mount Mitchell ride is always an interesting one. Some folks feel inspired and are ready to suffer…others just want to get out for a ride and not worry about climbing 10,000+ feet on the day.

Calling super Admin Team!!!
Admin Team for BRC

Being the super accommodating and incredibly attractive Camp Leaders that we are, we decided to give the campers BOTH options.

Hurts Like A Beech

Ride Option 1 = Beech Mountain (Map Here) + Plus Schulls Mill

Clocking it at “just” 26 miles, this route has 4,000 feet of climbing on it. Do that math.

Beech is an epic climb, not just because of the mountain itself, but of what it takes to get there. The ride out 194 from Valle Crucis to Beech Mountain is as beautiful as it is painful.

There were quite a few folks out on this road today, so at least no one suffered alone!

The hearty folks regrouped at the Mast Gap Annex and headed over to ride Schulls Mills Road as an out and back. This added another 19 miles to the total as well as another 1,000 feet of gain.


Team BSG

Ride Option 2 = BSG 50 Miler (Map Here)

For those looking for another option, we pulled an old ride out of the Camp Ride Grab Bag. We last did this route in 2014, and it’s a good one.

Just as much flat as there is hills (or so it seems), this route include the winding climb of George’s Gap. Just an incredible and fun route with multiple SAG options.

Lead by the inimitable three of the four remaining horsemen of the apocalypse — apparently Pestilence couldn’t attend — this group had a great adventure. And what ride is complete without a stop at the Mast Gap Annex for recovery food?

After our return there was time for the hot tub and an early dinner at Galileo’s of Boone. Only one more day left!!!

The Blue Ridge Camp is our annual cycling expedition to build early-season fitness and have a great time. Between riding bikes we also have fun and drink lots of beer. Interested in joining us? The doors will open in early May for early bird registration. You can learn more online here.

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