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Admin Team for BRC

Blue Ridge Camp 2016 — Day Three Beech Mountain or BSG 50

800 748 Patrick McCrann

The day after the Mount Mitchell ride is always an interesting one. Some folks feel inspired and are ready to suffer…others just want to get out for a ride and not worry about climbing 10,000+ feet on the day. Calling super Admin Team!!! Being the super accommodating and incredibly attractive Camp Leaders that we are,…

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2015 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Day Three Recap: Beech Mountain

Coach P

Day 3: Mast Gap Annex, Beech Mountain, Shulls Mill and even a Jagaround! After riding Mount Mitchell, it’s hard to find something that folks will still find epic. The answer? Shorten the ride to the suffering but work even harder! Beech Mountain is a three mile climb that averages around 9%. It so happened that…

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Blue Ridge Camp 2014 – Day Four Report

150 150 Coach P

Preparing to Ride! After three solid days of riding and incredible weather, the group was torn. Some folks wanted to go ride one more mountain. Other folks wanted the safety of a simple out and back on the Parkway. And a handful of others wanted something off the Parkway but not insane. Sometimes you lead,…

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