2016 Texas Race Specific Camp

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Join Coach Patrick from EnduranceNation for our fifth annual Texas Camp in preparation for the Ironman® Texas / U.S. National Championships on May 14, 2016. The camp runs from March 17th to the 20th, and will be based out of The Woodlands, TX so we can train on the bike and run courses.

Aside from the fact that just training in nice weather on your race course is fun, there are a few more reasons why you should consider a pre-race training camp. But don’t forget you’ll also have two detailed race presentations, as well as the chance for me to review your bike fit, set up, cycling technique and running form.

TX Race Camp Run

#1 – Build A Mental Map of the Course

There’s looking at pictures. There’s checking out a profile or map. Maybe you are super on the ball and you’ve gotten one of those course-specific video walk throughs. But there’s no substitute for you, riding and running the course, and filing it into your memory banks.

You race with all your senses — the wind in your face, the sun beating down…gravity pulling you back down that hill and friction tugging at your wheels. All of these sensations combine to create the essence of your race. 90% of the time, waiting until race day to build that mental understanding of the course is simply too late.

After riding the bike course twice in camp, you’ll be able to close your eyes and know exactly where you are on route and what’s next. You’ll have the historical perspective to know how to adapt your effort, calories and hydration to take the changing conditions into account. There’s simply no competing with that.

#2 – Learn Key Markers

In addition to a general sense of the course, it’s incredibly powerful to be able to associate key elements of the course with your race plan.

What does halfway look like? Where does the chip seal start? How long does it last? Where do the winds kick in…and abate? What does that humidity feel like…really? How should I pace the out and backs on the run? How bad is the bridge?

By attending camp you’ll have answers to all of these questions — and head off other questions you would have had — simply by being on the ground. Just like you know where on your local run route you can pick up the pace, or prepare for the wind, so too will you know the IM Texas course like the back of your hand.

Getting Ready to Race

#3 – Reduce Future Stress

Honestly while most folks are worried about the race, I personally get more stressed out about the logistics of race weekend:

Did my bike make it? Where’s the rental car counter? How do I get to my hotel? Are there tolls? Where’s the nearest supermarket? Coffee shop (okay, that’s probably first)? How far from my hotel to the race site — really? Can I ride/run from my hotel? Where’s a good restaurant? Where should my family cheer from? What can they do while I’m tapering? Racing?

The questions just keep piling up…even writing this paragraph has me all stressed out! Attending camp means you already get a lot of that out of your system.

The Woodlands are unique in that it’s a planned community; there are no big signs and even the traffic lights are minimalist. You could be right next to the restaurant your family is waiting at, and you’d never know it.

Interested in Camp?

You can learn more about our Texas Camp — and all of the Endurance Nation Race Specific Camps — on the official camps page here. You save $50 before Valentine’s Day…so don’t delay!

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