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Barry & Johns Back Yard Ultra race report

640 360 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Dwane Brennan Race Name: Barry & Johns Back Yard Ultra race report Year: 2024 I had no goals going into this last Saturday…

IM St. George 70.3

577 221 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Bob Sherwood Race Name: IM St. George 70.3 Year: 2024 Is IM expensive? Yes.  Do they put on a great race?  I have…

The Swimmer’s Guide to Overcoming Open Water Anxiety

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Ever feel like your heart’s racing before you’ve even dipped a toe into open water? That’s the anxiety Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation is here…

Connemarathon Ultra 64k

800 463 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Dwane Brennan Race Name: Connemarathon Ultra 64k Year: 2024 Firstly, I forgot to add my race plan – work was mental leading up…

Harnessing Anxiety for a Better Ride Expert Cycling Safety Techniques

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Have you ever felt your heart rate spike—not from the workout but from the whirl of traffic as you pedal along? I’m Coach Patrick from…

Gasparilla Half Marathon Race Report

800 642 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Valerie Fristachi  Race Name: Gasparilla Half Marathon Year: 2024   The Good: Well-organized race, decent swag (nice t-shirt, hat, reusable shopping bag, good…

Beat the Heat: Practical Cooling Strategies for Athletes

716 352 Patrick McCrann

Did you know that managing your body heat efficiently can make a huge difference in your athletic performance, especially during competitions like triathlons? It’s not…

Triathletes Guide to Maximizing Workout Efficiency

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Unlock the secrets to seamless transitions between your triathlon training workouts with Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation. Say goodbye to the frustration of lost minutes…

Clash Miami Triathlon Race Report

800 411 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Mark Parascandola Race Name: Clash Miami Triathlon Year: 2024 Recap from CLASH Miami: My main goal here was to enjoy the experience and…

Mastering Electrolyte Balance for Peak Triathlon Performance

800 457 Patrick McCrann

Explore essential strategies for triathletes to maintain optimal electrolyte balance during races, including setting a sodium intake baseline, the importance of sweat testing, and utilizing external electrolyte sources like salt pills to prevent cramps and optimize endurance performance