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The Art of Staying Competitive as You Age

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Have you ever stood at the starting line, heart pounding, only to realize the athlete staring back at you in the mirror is, well, a…

Evolving Ironman Preparation for Master Athletes

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Ever find yourself wondering what it takes to conquer the grueling challenge of an Ironman, especially as a master’s athlete? We’ve got the blueprint for…

Announcing the 2024 Ironman Plans for Masters Athletes by Endurance Nation

800 480 Patrick McCrann

This year, the changes are the culmination of years of collective experience, feedback from our incredible team, and a deep dive into the actual execution of our plans. We went that extra mile to make sure these changes are grounded in data and will be the best versions possible. 

Mastering Longevity in Sport: Embracing the Journey of the Aging Athlete

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Have you ever noticed how the challenges of aging seem to creep up on you, little by little, transforming from those one-off injuries to a…

Masters Mindset Series: Rules for Faster Masters Athletes

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Have you ever found yourself up against life’s clock, wondering if the best years of your athletic pursuits were ticking away? I’m Coach Patrick from…

Faster Masters Mindset Series: Confronting Your Ego and Margin of Error

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Hey, fellow Dude Guy listeners! Strap in as we unravel the complexities of the ‘masters mindset’ within the endurance sports arena, and take a peek…

From Portajohn To The Big Island: Staying In Control

150 150 Patrick McCrann

The chill of the water at Ironman Coeur d’Alene was nothing compared to the cold shock I received just weeks before—the crash that threatened to…

Breaking Through the Plateau: Strategies for Elevating Athletic Performance and Mental Stamina

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Unleash new levels of performance and break free from the dreaded training plateau with Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation. In our latest enlightening conversation, we…

Mastering Early Season Cycling: Strategies for Training, Enjoyment, and Conquering Camps

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Ready to ramp up your cycling season with wisdom that could turn your pedal strokes into podium places? Get set to absorb the transformative strategies…

Racing Toward the 2024 Olympics: Marathon Trials, Burro Racing, and the Quest for Durable Athletic Wear The Dude Guy

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Have you ever hit a wall in your training, where no amount of tough self-talk could push you through? That moment when your legs feel like lead, and your willpower tanks?