70.3 Morro Bay Race Report

751 332 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Guillermo Quintero
Race Name: 70.3 Morro Bay
Year: 2024

a short race report from Morro Bay. This race seemed like a smaller race when compared to Oceanside (there was ~1500 racers). Really cool venue, if you get a chance to visit the central coast of California you should because it’s amazing (I recommend a Hearst Castle visit).

I used the 70.3 minimalist plan.

Swim – Made sure to hydrate and fuel well ahead of the swim. The water was 52 – 57 degrees, which on paper doesn’t seem cold but in the water, that’s the temp that makes you gasp and your head freeze upon contact the first 5-10 minutes. I didn’t realize at the time but there was a strong current that started right at the time of race start. The swim down was fast but on the way back took 2-3x as long. I figured there was a current but didn’t realize how strong until I saw the carnage when I got out of the water and started the bike. There were 350 DNFs (26% of the field). I was expecting a ~42 min swim, was actually 1 hour 3 min.

T1 – I swear this was a 5 min transition but it was actually 14:36. Cold fingers and feet didn’t work to well when trying to maneuver in and out of equipment.

Bike – Pretty par for the course. Same time as Oceanside in 2023. I ride a gravel bike with 32 mm tires. I know it’s not the best equipment and would love to try a road or tri bike next. But I think it’s the rider, not the equipment. My FTP is supposedly 268, still on a journey to become stronger on the bike. I’d like to get to a 2:45 bike in the future. Bike time was 3:13. Saw my brother-in-law taking off for the run as I was dismounting. It was time to execute the run.

T2 – 9 minutes.

Run – Like I said, figured my brother-in-law had a 15 min start on me. I beat him on the swim and he passed me half way through the bike. But he was playing king of the mountain on every hill on the bike (he’s got a big ego) so I knew, just maybe, he’d fall apart on the run. Turns out I was right. His lower back was seizing up and I caught him at mile 6. I took it easy the first 3 miles to keep the HR down. After 3 miles HR was in the low 160’s so I paced what would keep my HR in that range. Turned out to be 8:30 live pace and felt like I was pushing but just under the red zone. Same run time as Oceanside 2023 but executed this run much better. Run time was 1:56.

Total time 6:36.

Next race is either IM AZ or IM TX 140.6. Looking forward to the new 2024 plans.