Happy Fourth of July!

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Bonfire night in Felixstowe While the Fourth of July is a very “American” holiday, it’s still one of my favorites. Aside from all the awesomeness associated with asserting our independence, there’s a great deal more about the day.

Since it’s not a family or religious holiday, everyone gets to hang out and do really cool stuff like go to the beach, have yummy barbecue and then you cap off the whole day with a massive fireworks display.

I guess on some level, then, it’s kind of like doing an Ironman: You hang out with cool people all day, eat a lot of food and there are fireworks at the end before you go home and pass out.

Only with a lot less sweating.

And zero lycra outfits.

And fewer blisters.

Regardless of how (or if!) you celebrate the Fourth, I hope you have a fantastic day and that it ends in fireworks.  Let’s just agree that the lycra thing is totally up to your personal discretion.



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