Long Course Triathlon Training Plan Breakdown [Videos]

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Ironman® Training Plan Cover, 2014Our signature plan and most popular product, the Ironman® Training Plan by Endurance Nation has helped thousands of Age Group Triathletes prepare for the race of their life.

With the Ironman® distance firmly entrenched as the pinnacle of endurance sports, Endurance Nation has worked hard to improve these plans year after year. We are please to release our 12th edition plans; which continue the trend of quality, focused training for real-world athletes.

The Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Ironman® Plans ensures that we have the right plan for you. The focus on quality means zero wasted training time: every session has a purpose. And the time commitment scales by ability to make sure that you are only investing as much time as your goals require.


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IronmanTriathlon Training Plan Overview with Coach Patrick

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Changes for our 2014 Ironman® Plans

We made quite a few changes in preparation for the upcoming season…hope you enjoy them!

Advanced Ironman® Training Plan Run Changes:

  • Adjusted Monday Hill run schedule. Wks 9-20
  • Expanded Monday Tempo runs for Week 1-8
  • Capped FTP run at 2×1 mile of effort.
  • Midweek brick runs as progressive intensity from Z2 to Z3
  • Weekend Second Runs (Weeks 1 to 8) to progressive intensity from Z2 to Z3; then added a Threshold Mile in Weeks 9 to 20.
  • Tweaked Strides to include some Uphill strides and only z2/MP/Steady running as a remainder.

Intermediate Ironman® Training Plan Run Changes:

  • Reduced overall run duration from Advanced levels.
  • Made FTP runs more gradual build and forgiving in longer weeks.
  • Removed Monday hill run session, cutting weekly total down to five runs.
  • Reduced Run Strides time each week as well as cut back the total number of Uphill Strides.

Beginner Ironman® Training Plan Run Changes:

  • Reduced overall run duration from Intermediate levels, as well as duration of intensity.
  • Cut second run intensity from 1×1 mile to 2×800 on Saturdays.
  • Made all Wednesday second runs optional; four runs with an optional fifth run.
  • Removed run tempo workouts from Monday, weeks 1 through 8.
  • Moved strides to Pre-Sunday Run for friday rest and bike / run strength development.
  • Made FTP runs more gradual build and forgiving in longer weeks.


Comparison of our Ironman® Triathlon Plans

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