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You probably know that TeamEN is a team of over 500 half and full Ironman® triathletes. You probably know that we sell training plans and use these plans to coach our athletes. And you likely know that we’ve created a ton of content — videos, podcasts, training articles, etc — to support all of this. But you probably don’t know that we’ve created our own proprietary web platform to put all of _this_ together for our athletes.

Last week Patrick recorded a screencast for our new members, to show them how to navigate the site, tell them where everything is, etc. We’d like to share that video with you below. But first, let’s talk about the platform.

We built it with the following objectives:

  • As coaches, we feel your success on race day is, among other things, about the quality of the training plan and the content associated with each week of the plan. Therefore the platform houses the latest and greatest versions of our plans, and the content we’ve created specific to that training week (written, audio and video) lives right inside that training week.
  • You get faster because of the quality of the plan and the supporting resources, not because you did/did not upload your Garmin file, printed a pretty graph, or were able to track your resting heart rate or blood pressure that day. That is…we are coaches, not programmers, and we leave the fancy whizzbang training logs to the many companies charging $xx/mo and in the business of making you think that compatibility with 60 devices actually makes a difference on race day. It doesn’t.
  • Members should be able to manage their training plan themselves: load up the 20wk Beginner Half Ironman® plan, to end on Timberman, or swap it out for the Beginner OutSeason® plan, to end on May 1st.
  • Members are only one click away from posting a question that will be answered by either Rich or Patrick in about 24-48hrs.
  • The platform facilitates member networking, resource sharing, peer-to-peer accountability and…is just fun to be a part of.

View our Welcome to the TeamEN platform screencast below.

Interested in Joining TeamEN?
Become a Team Member. Come inside and see for yourself what’s so special — special enough to create the largest Ironman® triathlon team on the planet! Membership closes February 28th, 2011!


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