Meet The Team: 2013 Ironman Racine

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Sunday, July 21 will bring TeamEN to Ironman® Racine 70.3. It’s midsummer in Wisconsin, which means blazing sun, high humidity, and hot temps. So while the swim might be a nice respite, the bike and run legs are going to burn. It will be very important to stay hydrated during this race. The bike leg at Racine features rolling hills with some steep climbs thrown in, so athletes should be able to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery on the Lake Michigan coastline. The relatively flat and fast run course includes a tour of the Racine Zoo! Thanks to coaching from Endurance Nation, TeamEN members are ready to blast through Ironman® Racine 70.3! Let’s meet some of the players.

Carl (HB) Noftsger

From Altoona, IA. Been doing Tri’s for ~ 13 years but long course only the past two and love the challenge they bring.

Racine is just a stop on the calander this year so not tapering. Going into this race and just wanting to have a ton of fun and lay a PR bike split down and just laugh and scream as I hang on for the run.

May be in bright pink ;)!!

Steve Dorris

Live in Allen, TX. Been racing triathlons for 9 or 10 years and have raced every distance from sprint to full IM. Didn’t race last season due to extreme plantar fasciitis, took 9 months to resolve the issue. Train and race with my wife, Sabrina, who is much faster on the run so my goal race day is to put enough distance on her in the swim and bike that she can’t track me down on the run!

Niels Heemskerk

Originally from the Netherlands, moved to the States on 1980, loved on Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, and now the Chicago area. Started triathlons in 2011, encouraged by my CEO, and my road bike purchase. I raced Racine last year finished in 6:13. So this year has to be faster, weather permitting. Looking for a sub 6 hours, which will only happen of I have a good run, after a 3 hour bike. See you in Racine.

Anthony Ross

[No bio provided]

David Salzman - Ironman® Racine 70.3® - Team Endurance NationDavid Salzman

I am excited to be heading to Racine again this year after an untimely exit from the race just after mile 4 on the bike last year when I was hit by a car on the course. Training has progressed quite well and I think I am pretty close to my pre-injury state. This is my 10th season racing in triathlons and my first year up in Racine was 2007. I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be a safe and fun race. Ultimately my two goals are 1) – to not get hit by a car and 2) finish the race. I will be quite content with whatever the clock says when I cross the line and plan to spend the day being patient, sticking to my race plan, and enjoying finishing what I started a year ago.


Bruce Piburn - Ironman® Racine 70.3® - Team Endurance NationBruce Piburn

This is my second year racing and I have been doing Oly and Sprints thus far. Racine will be my 1st HIM. My goals for this year are to continue gaining experience and fitness so that I can make a successful run at Wisconsin in 2014.

Racine Goal 6ish hours.

Julia Harris - Ironman® Racine 70. 3 - Team Endurance NationJulia Harris

I am from Chicago. This is my second year racing Racine and my second half ironman. I just started doing triathlons again about three years ago now that my kids are older. This is my first season training with EN and I feel much more fit and capable; I really like the EN program. I hope to improve upon my time from last year and enjoy the race. Looking forward to meeting other EN enthusiasts.

Joe Motz - Ironman® Racine 70.3® - Team Endurance NationJoseph E. Motz

Joe Motz here Cincinnati Oh. Former runner 20+ yrs but wore out my right hip and was told in 2002 my running days were over. Tough blow as I craved Marat honing but focused on my second love biking until that too got too painful. But discovered new life in 2010 with hip resurfacing rather than replacement. Started doing short distance Tri’s with no pain so thought I’d step up to the Racine half and then IMoo before the endorphins run out and the pain comes back.

Loving ENing and looking forward to seeing if there really are other peeps behind all the mojo being put out there.

Goal cross still locked in focused and ready to seek out the other half (God forbid).


Marie Newton - Ironman® Racine 70.3® - Team Endurance NationMarie Newton

My husband and I will be driving out from Salt Lake City. This is my second time racing Racine, 1st was in 2011. I have been participating in triathlons for 10 years. Lot’s of sprints, some olympic distance, and four 1/2 IM’s. Last November I did Arizonaand thinking about Ironman® Boulder for next year. I have been battling some hip inflammation for the past 2 months so have to amend my goals this year, since I’ve been doing very little running. I’m going to go a little harder in the swim than usual, I have fallen into a habit of just cruising the swim in previous races. Think I’ll push the bike just a little harder. I’m going to run/walk the run, starting with a 4 minute run/1 minute walk. The hardest part of this race will be to stick with the run/walk plan. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Wishing everyone a safe and fun race.


Michael Peverill

This is my first year doing TRIs. My goal is to finish each of my races this year without bonking.

Scottl Liston - 70.3® Ironman® Racine - Team Endurance NationScott Liston

Fairfield, OH

I have been in triathlon since 2003 and with Endurance Nation since 2010. This has been a year of transition for me — a new job and a commute nearly every week from Cincinnati, OH to Holland, MI where I am the CFO of a technology start-up. My wife and I are going to come over to Racine on the ferry from Muskegon, MI so that should be fun! None of the kids (ages 23 to 15) will make it this time. I have been battling PF this season and traveling a lot so my goals are more modest than in the past — have fun, finish and enjoy the weekend. I look forward to meeting many of you!


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