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Taking Control of Your Fitness This Winter via the OutSeason

800 600 Patrick McCrann

A coach is really just a time investment manager. You, as a self-coached athlete, must also play this role. “Real Life You” gives “Coach You” only so many hours of training time to work with. You assign time to the more important areas of your life: family, work, personal interests, social stuff, etc. Only then…

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Time to Get to Work

OutSeason® Primer For Winter Training In The Southern Hemisphere

795 800 Patrick McCrann

Author’s Note: This article is part of the Down Under Series focusing on athletes in the Southern Hemisphere (And expats in the Middle East!) who are currently in the winter training months. Every year it seems that we remember, later than usual, that there’s a whole another hemisphere of triathletes out there. Most of us…

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Five Triathlon Season Planning Tips from Endurance Nation

800 800 Rich Strauss

I’m the “Season Planning Coach” on the team, responsible for outlining the training of our athletes depending on the flow of their races across the year. As such, I’m frequently mentoring our athletes on proper selection of races and giving them a macro view of their race calendar. Below are my tips for you, to…

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Redefining Triathlon in Winter — The OutSeason®

Coach P

Don’t Spend Winter In A Speedo — Unless It’s Like This! Winter is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about what you will do now to achieve your 2014 season goals. I’m not suggesting that you _have to_ do race-like volume or put in massive training weeks. But if your goals for 2014 involve…

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Hawaii Finish Shot

Twenty Winter Triathlon Training Do’s and Don’ts

763 800 Coach P

TeamEN at the 2014 Ironman World Championships DON’T Have an OffSeason In our experience and observation, once you give yourself permission to be “off,” this starts a cascade of counterproductive effects that will significantly impact your performance next season. Specifically, having an OffSeason gives you explicit permission to tear down many of the gains you’ve…

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Three Ways Triathletes Can Handle the Upcoming Holiday Week

150 150 Coach P

There are few darker / harder times of the year than when the average, endorphin-obsessed athlete can’t exercise. Somehow having time off but not being able to exercise is almost worse than being injured…but don’t let your healthy obsession steer you wrong this holiday season. Here are a few positive ways to handle the down…

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The Ultimate Winter Training Guide for Triathletes

500 375 Coach P

Every year we watch thousands of athletes compete on the Ironman and 70.3 race circuit — after all as coaches we travel to most of the major events on the race calendar. Race day is special not just for what happens, but because it’s the culmination of months of training and focus.

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Off Season Intervention, Part III: Endurance Nation’s Fast Then Far vs Old Skool Base Training

800 470 Coach P

In Part I we introduced you to the notion that fitness is in the muscles, not the cardiovascular system. In Part II we discussed the principles of Specificity and Return on Investment, urging you to delete that 4th newsletter this month espousing the benefits of off-season strength training. Let’s put these together in an example…

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