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The Rock in Lake Placid

2016 Placid Camp Day Two Recap

800 635 Patrick McCrann

Placid Camp 9am Riders Day Two of the Lake Placid training camp brought with it more unpredictable weather. After the first day of riding and running, and the evening lecture, many of the campers were anxious to put their newfound skills to practice. Unfortunately the weather was doing its best to make things as difficult…

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Insider Secrets of Ironman Race Day Damage Control

150 150 Coach P

Hopefully There When You Need Them, But Be Ready If They Aren’t! After standing on the sidelines of Lake Placid and Louisville this year, I am reminded of two contradictory things. First, how easy my job is. Second, how important it is that I am there. My advice ranges from the profound to the mundane,…

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