Race Results Update – 8/18/12

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Success and excitement in this edition of the race results, and as it’s put below so eloquently, “the proof is in the PR.” We’ve got and 80% PR rate going on here.

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Races on July 28, 2012

Full Vineman, Ironman

Anson Lam had an awesome day out, saying, “This was my first Ironman! I feel it says a lot about EN’s way of race execution when I’m able to run past masses of people walking in the last eight miles, and still able to cross the finish line thinking that it wasn’t hard as I expected. I paced the race quite conservatively and left a lot on the table, but I’m sure I’ll be able to set a massive PR in a second IM with the confidence that this experience has given me, and with the collective training and racing wisdom from the Team and coaches!”

Mac Caudill finished with a time of 52:27:00 and said, “I stuck to the EN plan & strategy and took off nearly an hour (on a more difficult run course). Thanks coaches!”


Races on July 29, 2012


Brett Prince had a great day at the Pittsburgh International Triathlon. Brett says, “Just 4 weeks after Coeur d’Alene, I crushed my previous time at this race with a 9 minute PR.  I wanted to test my fitness after an OS and 12 week IM training plan.  Needless to say, I’m happy with my fitness.  I can’t wait for my next race.”


Mike Rudolph had fun at the Girlfriends and Dudes Sprint Triathlon. Mike says, “I completed Ironman® CDA 5 weeks ago and this event was done ‘just for fun.’ Although I had done absolutely no specific training for this event, I went out and had a blast and PR’d by 2 minutes! I had the fastest bike speed average I have ever had and my run time was just a few seconds off my previous run PR. Doing cool and fun stuff with my fitness is a wonderful by-product of all the work I did during the Out Season and In Season training cycles. Work Works!”

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Races on August 11, 2012

Ironman® U.S. Championship New York

Ben Jones let us know that he ran his first Ironman® in New York. Thanks for checking in, Ben! Hope it went well!


Joel Bell “Blazing fast swim, flat tire coming out of T2, miserable 6 min change so actually raced the course in 9:32 but shit happens so it’s officially 9:38:19.  Despite the flat, a pit stop in the port-o-pot on the run, and a brutal run course complete with relentless hills and cruel head winds on the flats along the river I managed to keep my head straight enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other and pull a 5th place podium and 45th overall.  I’m currently considering selling a kidney to cover the trip to Kona in October- lighter is faster, right?”

Greg Babb raced in the Mountain Lakes Triathlon and said, “Everything from improved body composition, faster run and bike, and improved transitions contributed to my PR.  In the same exact race a year ago, my bike improved by 6 minrs, my run by over 11 mins and 2.5 mins in the transitions.  These improvements were made possible by the incredible resources found inside the EN Haus!!  The training plans, Wiki, race execution strategies, forums with Wicked Smart Members, training calculators, incredible coaching – you name it, EN has it!!”

Joe Matchette raced in the GA Veteran’s Sprint and said, “2:52 better than pre-EN. The proof is in the pudding… or in this case, the PR, and the 1st in Age Group. #workworks!”


August 12, 2012

28th Annual Mountain Man Half Ironman® Triathlon


Willard Hayes II said, “This was my first Half Ironman. I was very happy to finish and felt good about my time. The EN training, support, and execution strategies were super useful. I felt confident and ready for the race, was able to know what I should be doing throughout. I especially liked being able to use “the box.” It kept things so simple and calm. Thanks!”


Rian Bogle is feeling successful by sticking with the EN plan saying, “I’ve made HUGE improvements in the past 8 months with EN. The physical training is vastly improved over anything I have done previously. I can see now it would take me years to figure out how do it right on my own jumping from plan to plan, forum to forum. But even more important than training is the tremendous EN community of knowledge covering racing execution, nutrition, gear, etc. that really makes the difference in how well I do and feel! Thanks Guys!”

Read more about the Mountain Man Half Triathlon here.



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