Finding Your Tribe: Guide To Endurance Training Groups

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Finding Your Tribe:

Guide To Endurance Training Groups


Finding a training group that matches your personality, goals, and needs can seem like a daunting task. There also is the added benefit of online training groups versus local groups. If you’re new to the sport you might not even know where to start and if you’re an endurance sports veteran, you might not want to waste time testing group after group.

Let’s explore a few tips to be on the lookout as you start your search.


Finding a training group by location:

There is much debate over whether to find a training group online or local, we say both! Each option serves a purpose to create a well-rounded athlete. While online training groups are taking the endurance sports world by storm, it is important to keep ties to your local community.

Online Benefits:

  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Almost always 24/7 access to information/people
  • Friends to Zwift with no matter the weather or time
  • Gain knowledge and strength in ever the growing technology world
  • Pretty much guaranteed to know someone at every race or event you choose

Local Benefits:

  • Grow your local community connections
  • Gets you out of the house and social
  • Hands-on live help with any equipment or training issues
  • Training together for a local event


Finding a training group by goals:

When you have a specific goal in mind, a local group can be a great asset to your training arsenal. Local groups can add a value of accountability and since they can actually see your workout, can give tips on how to improve.

A virtual training group does add accountability, but you have to bring a self-starting nature to the table first. It can be a lot easier to blow off a virtual training session, or event than it can be if the event is around the corner.

Things to think about are how can you incorporate both? Am I trying to work on speed or maybe even a certain task? For instance, how to execute triathlon transitions. You can read all you want about transitions, but until you practice it live, you won’t know what exactly to work on.

What if you are a brand new swimmer and you need guidance in the pool? A Masters Swim group can be a great way to train with a local group. Under the guidance of a coach, multiple swimmers can train and motivate each other together. Now all you have to do is get used to jumping into cold water at o-dark-thirty!


Finding a training group by personality:

Ok so lets address personality types. What if you’re an introvert and the thought of training with a bunch of extroverts drains you more than the 100-mile bike ride with them would?

Studies show that a well-rounded circle of friends from all walks of life and personalities makes you smarter and better looking…just kidding!

But in all seriousness, you will find that it won’t be as bad as you think as long as you set limits for yourself. If you know that you can’t handle two long bike rides with other back to back on a weekend, then just start with one. The answer to almost everything is– in moderation.




Training Camps:

Training camps can be a fantastic way to boost your fitness level and of course, meet friends. There is rarely a training camp that doesn’t have some element of shenanigans involved. And really, isn’t that the entire reason we are in endurance sports? To push ourselves and meet like-minded friends who do the same?



Bottom Line is, training and racing with like-minded athletes is not only great for your knowledge gain but great for your personal life and mental health.  So even if you start small and work out with a group once in a while, we promise, you will love it.

Have questions about virtual training? We would love for you to give us a digital test drive! Go to and see if we are a good addition to your triathlon, running or endurance training.

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