The Art Of Pushing Through Setbacks

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Overcoming Injury

The Art of Pushing Through Setbacks

Join us for another Endurance Nation Podcast, where this week we virtually sat down with EN Athlete Jenn Edwards.

We discussed her rise to endurance sports and an underlying theme of pivotal moments that define her story. With each adventure, setback, and turn, Jenn attacks the issue with positivity and badassery like the truly motivating human that she is.

We can’t thank Jennifer enough for her ability to lay her life out for the world to read about on her blog and in the podcast. You truly never know who you are impacting with your words and your bravery, and she is living proof of that.

When we find ourselves injured or in the middle of a life setback, we are presented with a choice to either let the story control us or let it define our comeback.

Through every injury, our goal should be to extract the learning opportunity and to make sure our story doesn’t remain silent — for you truly never know who you are helping or inspiring.

Listen in on this week’s Endurance Nation podcast, where we discuss one athlete’s endurance story, we hope it inspires and motivates you.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and please, let us know what you think!

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