Simon Shurey 2016 Ultraman Florida Interview & Resources

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Join Coach Patrick as he interviews Endurance Nation athlete Simon Shurey. Simon just completed the Ultraman Florida event and he joins the podcast to review his race and share some of his insider tips and lessons learned, including…

    • The importance of the right crew…
    • How to handle nutrition and recovery across a 3-day event…
    • What he did at the low points of each leg of the race…

This is a must listen for anyone looking to do an Ultra, or to just be inspired. Simon is a veritable force of nature making this world a better place one workout at a time. All of the stuff mentioned in the interview is listed at the bottom of this post for your reading pleasure.

Case in point, Simon is running the Boston Marathon for Team Hoyt. The Hoyt Foundation gives gifts each year of $30,000 to the Easter Seals of MA summer camp programs and to Children’s Hospital Boston- Augmentative Communication Enhancement Program. The Foundation also makes various donations to camps for the disabled and therapeutic horseback organizations in the Massachusetts area. To support this incredible foundation, and Simon’s efforts, please consider making a donation online here:

Without further ado, please click this link to find and listen to the interview.

~ Coach P


++++++++ Resources and Links +++++++++

  • Where can folks find you on Twitter: acksim
  • Link to the race website:
  • Link to race results:
  • Your top five nutrition items you used + url: infinIT (  Picky Bars, beet performer, gu blocks, Salt Sticks, Greens Superfood Raw
  • Any reading you recommend? Stronger than Iron,  Wayne Kurtz,  Rich Roll,  Finding Ultra. Podcasts — Rich Roll.
  • Your top three training tools: Zwift, Training Peaks, Strava
  • If you could put a billboard anywhere, where would you put it and what would it say?  It is okay to challenge yourself, feel some pain, make yourself feel uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. You just might surprise yourself with the end result. Where to put it hmmm I would say every Ironman race.

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