Endurance Coaching Process Behind The Scenes

Mariah Bridges

How to best hire an endurance coach

Endurance Coaching Process Behind The Scenes

There are a lot of aspects of coaching someone to endurance success and the endurance coaching process is not always the same for athlete to athlete, gender to gender, goal to goal….. or, is it?

This week Mariah interviews Coach Patrick to peel back the coaching curtains and find out some of the key questions he asks new athletes and more importantly, the why behind them. We will learn that while there are some aspects of endurance coaching that are consistent when it comes to the approach, there are some variances.

Key Talking Points Include: 

  • The Four Base Level Questions A Coach Needs to know
  • How to set yourself up for optimal success within community coaching
  • Building a trusting relationship with your Coach
  • Setting Coaching Expectations
  • Which aspects of training should be approached gender specifically and which are not
  • Mentioned in the podcast – Nutritional & Mental Skills Training for Endurance Women Athletes Webinar



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