2016 Lake Placid Training Camp Day One Recap

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Placid Camp Into the Mountains

Our 16th year here in the Adirondacks saw smaller group of about 12 campers come together for the weekend. For the entire week leading up to the race the weather looked awful. But on Thursday things cleared up setting us up for a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately, as we were to find out later, clear skies were brought to us by wind. Wind that we would be feeling all day on our first day.

Given the wide variety of ability levels at our camp, the strategy was pretty simple. We would ride most of the first lap together to get used to key elements of the course. As a seven-time Ironman Lake Placid finisher, I was going to use my expertise and experience in the course to educate the campers.

Things started off well enough but they quickly blew up when we were struck with a flat tire attack. The group soldiered on as we got things fixed and soon everyone was enjoying the writing. Except there was one simple constant: headwind.

Placid Day One Campers

Placid Day One Campers

With the exception of the descent out of town, most of the rest of the ride involved some flavor of a headwind. Sometimes it was a direct head, sometimes it was across head. Regardless regardless it was a headwind and it was not fun great

In general the road condition seems pretty good although there are two series construction projects going on here in Lake Placid. The first is at the dissent into keen. The second is the returning to town where the end of River Road meets 86. For those of you with experience on the course that will be the bridge just before the line of the road that says “this is where the rain starts”

Overall the group performed very well. People are fit enough to handle the additional stress of the wind and despite the suffering, there were plenty of smiles.

Campers followed up the ride portion of the day with a short break run. As a coach I’m not so much worried about how far you run as I am about you building up the habit of running off of the bike.

It was then off to an early dinner before our evening lecture series breaking down the days riding as well as mental preparation for the race.

Stay tuned for more updates from Day Two!

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