Florida Recap: Michael Johnson's PR in Ironman #12!

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[box] Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) to learn more about how Team Endurance Nation veteran member Michael Johnson paced his day to his some personal bests. Mike is a great, low-key guy and this interview includes some excellent insights on finding improvement in the advanced stages of your Ironman® athletic career!  Listen to the Podcast Here.[/box]

Michael & SonHere is the full Ironman® FL 2013 RR:

12th Ironman® 52 yrs old. Previous IM PB 11:49 at Arizona 2012.

My goal was to get a new PB. Florida is fast so wanted to definitely go <11:30 (<11:00 would have been a perfect day)

Overall my day was a 9/10 as far as the execution and how it went.

SWIM: 1:04 (started left with the under 60min group and headed for inside the buoys. Just made the turn buoys. No contact. My PB at Florida is 1:01. Felt the waves against us going out my have slowed us some since two laps into the big waves). Came out 18th in AG. Fine.

BIKE: 5:24 (Fast course and day with a small north wind. I knew it was going to be fast coming home so that was my goal to make it very fast coming home. I actually got off the bike 2 times to pee at the portopotties so I was off bike for about 3-4 minutes. So ride time on computer was 5:20. I had previously Never broke 5:30. I went out in 2:47 @ 147w (IF 59%) extremely conservatively but was holding 20mph so just sat on that pace. Had lots pass me. At mile 70 I looked at my watch and said that if I’m to break 5:30 its “time to go”!. It was not until mile 70 that I even felt I was working. I was essentially breathing through my nose until mile 70. From mile 70-112 I then had 184w (IF 74%) and did the last 56 miles at 2:36. I was in OA place 638th at mile 70 and finish the bike at 531st OA place, passing 128 people the last 42 miles. I felt unbelievably strong and passing people gave me such a mental boost. I think I will do this pacing strategy again in the future. Overall Bike 5:24 (Bike 5:20 on bike) 2:47>2:36……Overall 167wNP (IF 67%) VI 1.08

RUN: 4:52 (2:14>2:38) Previous PB was 4:50 so close. Was on massive PB pace until about mile 15-16. I only walked the aid stations until then. I then went on a 1:1 walk/run until mile 23. Then shuffled home.

OVERALL : 11:33 OA 783th and 52 AG (300 in my AG!). Very pleased with the day.


1. Swim training and speed are fine. Top 5% AG.

2. Bike training and taper and exectution are spot on. Breaking 5:30 at AG 50-54 is solid, I believe.

3. Run execution is fine. I continue to run more of the marathon in these things. Just feel I am still slower than my potential. I feel I should be around 4:20 or so. I plan to talk to Coach P 1:1 about some ideas I’m milling over about me (n=1)

4. It’s still awesome to still be improving at 51 yrs of age and completing 12 IMs so far.

Still enjoying doing these! I have IMTx and IMLou next year!


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