Leadville 100 MTB Hacking: The Power of Heat Acclimation and Altitude Training!

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As I gear up for the ultimate challenge of the Leadville 100 MTB event, conquering the altitude becomes a critical aspect of my training. But here’s the twist: Rhode Island’s flat terrain doesn’t offer much in the way of elevation. Undeterred, I set my sights on heat acclimation, a powerful ally in my quest to prepare for the mountainous course. Intrigued by its potential, I decided to compare the benefits of sauna vs. hot water immersion, recognizing that heat acclimation shares striking similarities with altitude training.

Article Reference: https://barcainnovationhub.fcbarcelona.com/blog/sauna-or-hot-baths-are-they-alternative-methods-for-heat-acclimation/

The Experiment

In my quest for peak performance, I dedicated myself to two consecutive days of training, alternating between the sauna and hot water immersion. Little did I know, these heat acclimation methods would mirror the adaptations experienced during altitude training.

The Discoveries

1. Heat and Altitude: As I immersed myself in the heat, I realized that both heat acclimation and altitude training elicit similar physiological responses. Exposure to heat triggers increased plasma volume, improved thermoregulatory efficiency, and enhanced sweat rate, just like altitude training!

2. Oxygen Transport: Both heat acclimation and altitude training lead to higher red blood cell production, boosting oxygen-carrying capacity. This translates to improved endurance and performance when navigating the challenging terrain of Leadville.

3. Mental Fortitude: Embracing the heat and acclimating to the stressors of training builds mental resilience—a valuable asset when confronting the grueling climbs and descents that await me in Leadville.

The Intersection of Heat and Altitude

As an athlete preparing for Leadville 100 MTB, I’ve come to appreciate how heat acclimation is a valuable and accessible tool for simulating altitude training effects. Whether in the sauna or through hot water immersion, these methods strengthen my body and mind for the mountainous adventure that lies ahead.


Altitude training may be limited by geographical constraints, but the power of heat acclimation knows no bounds. As I continue my preparation for Leadville 100 MTB, I’ll continue to explore the edges and embrace the transformative potential of heat, alongside other training strategies, to achieve peak performance.


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