Endurance Nation Launches 2013 PreSeason Membership Drive

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(September 28, 2012) –  Endurance Nation, the premier online coaching solution and community for age group triathletes,  today announced the launch of its 2013 PreSeason Membership Drive.  During this week-long window anyone can become a team member to experience Endurance Nation’s innovative Team Coaching Model and utilize their brand-new PreSeason training program.

“Since 2007 Endurance Nation has helped m Heore than 4,000 triathletes achieve their fitness and race day goals. Our brand-new PreSeason training plan is designed to create  the foundation for optimal season, and thanks to  the 2013 membership drive anyone can access this powerful new program,” says Patrick McCrann, Endurance Nation Co-Founder and Head Coach.

The membership drive will start on October 1, 2012, as this is when most age group triathletes are transitioning between seasons.  When you become a team member it includes full access to Endurance Nation, support from the coaches and Team, access to our online challenges and calculators.
“We have also announced four key races for 2013 as well as several new training camp opportunities and our first ever National Rally in Tucson, Arizona. With five consecutive years of growth behind us, we are working hard to  take the Team to the next level,” says Rich Strauss, Endurance Nation Co-Founder and Head Coach.

In order to get an invitation to the Team, visit Endurance Nation online and subscribe to the 2013 waitlist: https://www.endurancenation.us/team-en-closed-until-101-join-our-waitlist/

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About Endurance Nation 

Founded in 2007,  Endurance Nation started as an alternative to traditional one-on-one coaching. Since then we have grown to transform the multisport landscape with a wide selection of training plans, 24/7 online support, real-world camps and race weekend meet ups and much more. Built by and for the age group triathlete, we stand behind our products & services because we know what it takes to succeed. For more information, please visit www.endurancenation.us


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