Race Report – 2012 Update

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It’s time to catch up on what members have been doing in the off-season.

Members, don’t forget to let us know where you’ve been racing by adding your info here.

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Brett Luxon ran to a finish time of 1:44 in the Chilly Half Marathon and said “Great race.  Alway fun and enjoyable.  Can be cold, rainy, or even snowy.  I feel that the training helped alot because I was on pace for a 10min PR for the first 10miles.  But due to my lack of adding some longer time in my training I started to fall apart.  All part of the learning process.”


Mike Joyner (photo at left) competed in the Lake Effect Half Marathon for a time of 2:15:33. He reported “Working on my fourth week of OS training (switching to HIM in another 4 weeks), I could feel the benefits of the actual work done so far, and the proper execution of the event. Even though I ran it primarily as a training run, I did run it 2 seconds a mile slower than current projected MP. I held back early which was hard to do with being fueled up, and the excitement of the start.  I did take 30-40 step walk breaks at water stops, other than some minor calf/hamstring cramping the last mile, I finished looking good EN style despite the weather conditions. Lap times only slowed during the 2nd out section of the loop course that went into a 16mph headwind.  I enjoyed the race, especially knowing I was executing a plan.”


Tim Cronk PR’d at the Hampton Half Marathon with a time of 1:31:45.

Patricia Rosen ran the Austin Marathon and earned a new PR of 3:54:11!  She said of the race “Good race!  Used the philosophy you all have about not pushing too hard up the hills and increase flight time going down hills.  I came in second for my age group!  Woohoo!”


Dusty Holcomb raced to a 1:58:29 finish at the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon.  You can read his race report here.


Doug Johnson raced at the Fleet Feet Gives Back 4 mile trail race and crossed the finish line in 32:45.  Members can read his race report here.  He also said “Normally at this time of year I am just getting back to running after a 2-3 month layoff.  Thanks to EN I’ve been working on getting faster during that time and am actually faster than I’ve ever been!!!”

Juan Vergara competed in the 21st Santos International Olympic Tri in Brazil for a new PR of 2:22:57.  He said “Quite an experience my first race of the season today. Oly (Santos Brazil International). My Garmin 310 got kicked out of my arm in heavy swim traffic. My Powertap disconnected from my computer, zero readings during the race. RPE was all I had. In the end a PB of 2:22:57 (versus 2:31 last year for the same race). HARD WORK WORKS.”


Dino Sarti (photo at left)competed in his first half  with a 1:56:06 finish ad the Rose Bowl Half Marathon. Members can read his race report here. He also said “I really could not have done it without pacing information and OS conditioning I have received at EN!”



Coach Patrick started the New Year off right with the New Years 5 miler, where he sped to a finish of 29:15 and a new PR.  A great time, but he said “Just a great race…even though I got beat by a 13-year-old!”

Looking forward to a new year and new season of Team EN race reports.  Remember to send us your information by going here.




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