Endurance Nation Launches 2023 Multisport Training Plans with Innovative Features to Help Triathletes Achieve their Best

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2023 Triathlon Training Plans. We strive to develop our training plans with the athlete in mind; the new features fit this foundational commitment.
With updates every year since 2007, this is version 16 of our plans. We remain committed to combining science and real-world experience on the race course to create the most effective plans for age groupers.

Benchmarking Test

One of the highlights of our new triathlon training plans is the introduction of a new benchmarking test protocol. The new protocol allows athletes to reconcile their current fitness level with the desired race pace. Post-workout evaluation will add another data point to creating the optimal race pacing and event nutrition plan.

Race Nutrition Checklist

Every year, some athletes show up with fitness without the nutritional excellence required to succeed. In addition to our Sweat Test protocol, all triathlon training plans now come with a nutrition checklist.
Breaking the final push to race day into weekly blocks, the checklist will help athletes move along the path to optimize their nutrition with each long training weekend.

Mandatory Rest Day

Sometimes more is just, well, more. After years of debating whether or not to squeeze in an extra workout, we have collectively determined that the value of a solid rest day greatly outweighs any single training session.
This is why all 2023+ plans now include a mandatory rest day in the final 12 weeks of training. Rest is essential for recovery and avoiding injury. Our new protocol will ensure that athletes take the necessary time to rest and recover in the crucial final weeks leading up to race day.

Indoor Race Simulation Guidance

Completing a race rehearsal has long been a trademark of the Endurance Nation program. There’s no better way to prepare for the physical and logistical and mental challenges of race day. But since we first launched this guidance, how we train and prepare has evolved thanks to technology.
This is why we have also created new indoor race simulation instructions in our triathlon training plans. The indoor race simulation instructions will allow athletes to effectively simulate race conditions. No overreaching, no under planning. Just right.

Now Available to All Members

Our 2023 Triathlon Training Plans are available now to all Endurance Nation members. Membership is a simple monthly fee that gives you access to plans, coaching, and community to unlock your personal best. Learn more online here: www.endurancenation.us/newjoin/

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