NEW Short Course Triathlon Training Plans, on Sale thru March 31st

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Endurance Nation is 4 years old, growing from 80 athletes in 2007 to over 600 athletes today. We primarily focus on the long course distances of Half and Full Ironman® events. Over half of our athletes have been with us for 3+ years, and we’ve seen their endurance racing goals evolve as their interests have changed. More and more of our squad have chosen to focus on short course triathlons this year.

At the same time, our “Fast before Far” approach, embodied in our successful OutSeason® training plans, have attracted many full-time short course athletes, and our advice to them has been to use our OutSeason® plan as an excellent short course training solution.

So it’s only fitting that we use these OutSeason® plans as the foundation on which to create a suite of short course triathlon training plans — bringing to the short course training plan space the same high quality product that our long course training plan customers have experienced, and to support our Team as their racing focus changes and evolves.

Short Course Training Plans, on sale for 30% off through March 13th!
20% off through March 31st!

Short Course training plan features:

  • 12 and 20wk versions
    • 20wk plans are 10wks General Preparation and 10wks Race Preparation
    • 12wk plans are Race Preparation Phase only.
  • Threshold and Vo2Max focus blocks — improved through 6yrs and 8 rewrites of our OutSeason® plans, we’ve perfected when to change up the training stimulus, for bike and run, to ensure you never plateau and your fitness is always building towards a peak on race day.
  • Six months access to the Training Plan Support Wiki — a growing repository of resources to support your training plan.
  • An opportunity to join TeamEN for only $29/mo, compared to $129/mo. As a member you’ll have:
    • Open access to ALL of our nearly 30 training plans: OutSeason, Short Course, Half and Full Ironman!
    • Access to hundreds of members-only podcasts and videos
    • 24/7 support from the Team and Coaches — plug into the vibe and mojo of an active, knowledgeable, and supportive community that’s grown from 80 to 600 athletes in just 4yrs.

Here’s a sample training week (click the image for the full view):


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