Meet The Team: 2011 World Championships

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Endurance Nation has 10 of its especially uber-fast kids going to play in the desert in Las Vegas.  Weather looks hot but these folks are hotter.  If you see mini dust storms out on the course  . . . . . you know who is creating them.

But seriously . . . . . congratulations to everyone who made it to Las Vegas!  Enjoy your day and thank a volunteer.

Meet a couple of our folks below.

Patricia Rosen

I really don’t know what to say about myself other than to let you know that I am an old lady with bad feet.

I started running when I turned 48 to deal with stress.  I must have been really stressed as I started getting into the longer distances.  However, I really wanted to try triathlons as obviously, my feet couldn’t handle all that running.  (Short side bar:  I qualified for Boston but couldn’t get there for 3 years due to injuries… although one of those was a car wreck 5 days before the race!  finally raced Boston in 2009 and qualifeid at the race for the next year)

I’ve always liked swimming since my brother threw me in the deep end at the age of two and had enjoyed cycling around the Ohio State Campus during college.  Gave it up for a while after my bike got stolen in New Orleans (they took the rear window of the van also…. i think that the window was worth more!)

Anyway, I have enjoyed the sport since my first Danskin using my Pink Schwinn that I got for 500$ (way too expensive) and heard that fateful call….”on your left, Pink!”.  No I get to say Left! Left!  Left!

I look forward to racing and learning a lot from the team.  I’m a geek with very little free time so I might ask stupid questions because I didn’t finish ‘that’ book yet (I’m talking racing with power and Daniels book on running) but I love the science… and my feet are much better now that I run with Newtons… (Loved the work they did at MIT.)

So that’s about it, folks.  Hope to see you out there!

Joel Bell (on left)

Virginia Beach, VA

My primary goal for this season was to qualify for Vegas.  I pulled that off at Mooseman 70.3® by running down and out-kicking another guy in my AG for the last slot.  Neither of us knew it at the time but that’s exactly why every place counts in an important race.  I’ve been racing tris for about 6 years and have a 9:34 IM PR but I won’t be “racing” at Vegas, just enjoying the experience and taking it all in.  I’ve been a little pre-occupied the past couple months planning my wedding (Oct 8) and playing at the beach (I live in Virginia Beach) so training hasn’t been a priority.  I’ve got just enough fitness to make it to the finish line without suffering 🙂

Picture is me and my fiance Katie with the owner of Starr Hill Brewery at Bonnaroo this summer –> lots of music, eating, and drinking – absolutely no training.


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