Weekly Race Report – 8/28/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 8/28/2011.

EN had a total of  45 athletes race in two separate Ironman® events with an almost 86% PR rate! Congratulations to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 8/28/11

Ironman® Canada

Benjamin Kolpa finished the race in 11:22, a new PR for him.

Jenn Edwards also earned a new PR with a time of 12:21:19 and said “Learned a ton in my first year with EN.  Had great team support in the forums and individual coaching support when I needed it.  Plans are well suited to someone like myself who prefers to put my head down and work hard without a lot of fluff or admin!”

William Wiseman crossed the finish line in 10:54:00 for a PR-worthy race!


Ironman® Louisville

Aimee Hendrigan earned a PR with a time of 12:40:10 and she said “Coach Patrick had a great 4 keys onsite talk that really prepared me for the bike in particular (even though I had done the course last year!). He emphasized the insidious nature of the constant up/down and how to handle it EN-style and not let the hammerheads get to you. He strongly suggested we take two water bottles at each aid station -good advice.   As for training, I can tesitfy that the 2 1/2 hour long runs are enough, even though I only get to 16 miles when I do it. That is the longest run I do. I did not have to walk at all during the marathon, only walked the aid stations. In a 4:34 finish I passed countless walkers.  Had a great swim, beat last year’s time by 7 min due to being confident that I could step up my pace and not exhaust myself.  My run was 16 min faster with steady 10 – 10:30 miles throughout. Just got into a zone, after each mile, told myself to do one more at that same pace. Needed to pay a little more attention to hydration, esp as weather was not as hot as last year, and I suffered post-race. Followed wattage protocol and bike was consistent with last year, and while not spectacular, allowed me to save my legs for the run.  Thanks EN!”

Chip Warner finished his race in 12:50:08 and reported “Nice to see Coach Patrick on the course, and great to meet team members.  Execution hindered by loss of power meter (spoke on PT wheel broke) halfway through the bike.”

Chris Martin raced to a 11:03:18 finish and a PR.  Members can read his race report here, but he also said “We all know that work works, but what really worked for me even more was execution.  I heard the 4 Keys Talk in person from Coach Patrick and really took it to heart.”

Evan Odim (photo at left) crossed the finish line in 12:30:44, leading him to a new PR.  Of the race, Evan said “Words can’t describe how impressive the EN program is.  i followed their advice to a T and came across the finish line with a huge smile on my face – exactly like an EN ninja should.  thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Jason Clishe finished in 13:44 for a new PR and said “There’s just too much goodness to list. 2010 was my first IM and I came into 2011 & EN hoping for a huge PR and you guys made it happen. Obviously the plans are rock solid, the focus on execution via the race rehearsals, and the entire race experience from the team dinner to the oncourse support with fellow EN’ers made this a really special experience. Good stuff guys!”

Jeff Braaten raced to a 11:26:38 finish time. He said “Great support, coaching and mojo!!”

John McLean PR’d with a time of 16:30 and reported “I would have been a lot faster if I wouldn’t have had a nutritional meltdown on the bike. Even though I had a bike issues, when I got to the run I got stronger the further I went. My success had to do with the training plan, thanks to the coaches for a great program.”

John Withrow raced to an 11:56:27 finish time and a new PR.  Of his great race he said “I had a charmed race where EVERYTHING went well…  I Executed like a ninja and owe that all to EN!  I had several friends in the race that were much faster than me and beat me by over 20 mins in the half IM distance.  I executed the IM the EN way (and they didn’t) and I had a better time and a better experience! I could not have asked for a better race…”

Mac Caudill finished his very first Ironman® with a time of 13:04:19.  Members can read his race report here.  He also said “Couldn’t have finished this race without the support of EN. The forums were a wealth of knowledge and the podcasts always accompanied me on my long commutes.  Coach Patrick’s 4 Keys talk in Louisville was a perfect reminder of how to race and no doubt helped me hit my goal time!  I’m ready to get this 4 wk transition over with and start working on my cycling FTP!”

Scott Dinhofer crossed the line in 13:22, good enough for his new PR!  Members can read his race report here and he commented that it was a “very different race than IM AZ, went from 71st percentile to 51st percentile.”

Tim Cronk PR’d with a finish time of 10:54:55.  He said “Coach P was everywhere.”  Members can read more in his race report here.


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