Weekly Race Report – 7/24/11

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Here is the official Endurance Nation results update for the week ending on 7/24/2011, and a few from last week as well. EN had a total of 13 athletes race in a variety triathlons… with over 53% earning a personal best! Congrats to everyone — you can read the full details below.

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Races on 7/17

Mountain Man Sprint

Michael Minton finished this tri in 1:08:36. As a newer member of Team EN he’s gearing up for a fall season and is looking forward to his next race – a half Ironman.


Races on 7/23

Cooper Summer Sprint

Steve Dorris raced to a 1:07:53 finish time, coming so close to a podium finish in his age group.  He also ran into a fellow EN teammate at the race.


Races on 7/24


George Sadler (photo at left) competed in this olympic tri and PR’d with a finish time for 2:30:21.  Of the race George reports “Got #1 AG (by 18 sec) and #29 OA.  Best event was the bike (#10 OA 1:04, 232 NP, 1.01 VI) followed by a strong run (#31 OA at 7:33 on a hilly course). Missed OA masters by less than 5 min and lost all of that time on the swim!  WorkWorks!!  Thanks RnP and team…could not have done this without you all!!!”


Ironman® Lake Placid

Keith Wick (photo at right) PR’d in his race with a time of 13:00:17.  Members can read his race report here. He commented that “It’s amazing how the EN mantra’s just keep repeating themselves in your thoughts all day long on race day.  They make a huge difference in mentally finishing the race, executing a plan, and having a great day.  Thanks so much for the great stuff you do and creating such a positive vibe with an awesome group of people from all over the world.”

Jonathan Lieberman also earned a PR, finishing in 14:48.

Merton Smith earned a big new PR with a finish time of 14:08:52 and said “No doubt I could have never done this without the coaching of Rich and Patrick.  Hard to say which is more valuable, the training plan they provide or their practical/psychological advice on how to approach an IM.  In any event, I took 2 HOURS off my Lake Placid effort in 2009.  Thanks EN!”

Grant Stauffer raced to a 12:43 finish and had a great time – “Awesome race – as always – in LP. Great race support on the entire route with all the EN supporters and EN racers. Really made for a very memorable day.”

Michelle Bishop ran her very first Ironman® and finished in 15:53:38.  After such a big accomplishment she said “I felt better after this IM than after the half IMs I’ve done before.  I believe it has all been due to EN’s training philosophy that got me ready for this race.  Huge thanks to Patrick and Rich for all their support throughout my training!”

Coach Patrick McCrann also raced in Lake Placid and PR’d with a time of 9:56:38.  You can read his full race report here. He thanked Team EN in saying “This race capped an amazing year for me, coming back from a broken pelvis in May 2010. I laid down my best bike (5:18, 8′ improvement) and run (3:22, 5′ improvement) splits in Lake Placid by a combined 13 minutes. This earned me 5th in the 35-39 AG, 19th AG overall and my fourth trip to Kona. Can’t wait to party on the Big Island with all my EN peeps!!! Thanks for your support Team EN!”

Cincinnati Triathlon

Jeremy Behler raced in this Olympic tri and finished in 2:11:39, earning himself a new PR.

Chicago Half Ironman

William Jenks competed for a finish time of 4:52.  Members can read his race report here.  He said “This was just a fun race for me. I was there to race with my son and get in a good day’s training for my upcoming IM. I was less formal about having a structured plan than any race in recent memory. But the bottom line is that EN training has made me very sensitive to the numbers and how to merge how I feel with what I’m doing.  Yes, I had a skeleton plan for the day based on EN methods.  But I could feel that it was a good day, and I adjusted.  I had learned through all the interval work we do how to FEEL whether my upward adjustment on the bike was making sense.      The bottom line is that I adjusted my power target UPwards in the middle of this race, and afterwards just SMASHED my run PR for the distance by 5 minutes.  That’s more than 20 seconds/mile, which means it didn’t happen by accident.  EN teaches us how to race smartly as beginners, but also – with enough time – how to move slightly off script…when and where are good places to do so, and how to understand the effects and risks.    If there had not been some unusual circumstances on the day in the swim course, I am convinced that I would have set a PR on the  day on this one-off race.  (My bike+run is also a PR)  And this is in the middle of an IM buildup.      This race was a big confidence builder for me that I am not only learning the recipes and how to cook as a member of Team EN, but also learning how to improvise smartly and be a racing chef.”






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