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Highlights from another week in the life of Team EN via Twitter. You can play along by including the hashtag “#workworks” in your tweets!

mancona: 3 day totals: 304 miles, 16 hours, 15k feet of climbing. thanks to @RichStrauss @jhansen21 @HayesS @pinkcrush #workworks

wsjinames: Made it from Madison to Laramie. Riding 100 mi on your bike is a lot more fun than driving 1000 in your car. #workworks

hellyeah1979: Great rally hosted by team EN this weekend on the madison course. We have some pretty awesome folks on the team #workworks

dewonn43: Just posting a few of the EN IMWi TRI rally photos #workworks:“,,

tgarson: 108 mile ride on Wisconsin course with @TeamEN, at Great Dane now ‘recovering’ #workworks


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