State of the Nation, Part II: Stakeholder's Meeting and 2011 Initiatives

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The coaches have returned from Ironman® Florida, with Rich joining Patrick to support the team and to brainstorm their plans for the 2011 season. We’d like to update you, our TeamEN members, ENFans, and stakeholders in Endurance Nation on our plans for 2011.

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Endurance Nation 2011 Initiatives

Expanding the EN Race-Day Presence

Endurance Nation is now likely the largest triathlon team in the long course space. And part of what makes us so unique is the race weekend experience we create for our members and they create for themselves, particularly at the Ironman® distance. Every US Ironman® includes:

  • 15-40 TeamEN athletes racing
  • A coach on hand to support and lead the athletes and their families for the weekend.
  • Team Dinner (20-90 people)
  • Four Keys Talk
  • Coaches, family, and friends cheering on the athletes at a specific location on the bike and run course.
  • After Party: food, beer, coaches, and tall tales after the finish.

For 2011 we want to blow this out even more, extending as much of this experience as we can downwards to the half Ironman® distances. Many of our Ironman® athletes race 1-3 x HIMs in route to their Ironman, creating similar per race numbers of TeamEN members at many HIM’s around the country. We now have the leverage, capital, and resources to bring some of our race weekend IM mojo to the HIM space:

  • Race Captains will “rally the troops” around every US Ironman® and key 70.3® events. Will organize and coordinate dinner plans, meeting locations, and family presence.
  • The Race Director will manage all of the Race Captains, with the assistance of Coach Rich

New Wicked Smart Members

WSM’s are TeamEN members athletes who’ve demonstrated extraordinary self-coaching knowledge, experience, and communication skills. They are nominated by their peers to be given the title of Wicked Smart Member, with the approval of Rich and Patrick. In short, any answer or input from a WSM should be given the same weight as an answer by Rich and Patrick…they are THAT good, as recognized by their peers. Team, we will begin our next round of nominations shortly so get your lists ready!

Sleeper Cell Initiative

Over the years, as the team has grown and members have referred their friends to the squad, we have organically formed “Sleeper Cells,” dense pockets of TeamEN athletes in specific geographic locations. For 2011 we will brainstorm ideas, and put cash on the table, to help these cells grow and support themselves, as well as facilitate the creation of additional Sleeper Cells.

Charity Starter Program

Many TeamEN athletes raise money for charity through their racing. We want to help them and encourage more members to raise money for charity. For 2011 EN will kick in the first $250 towards any TeamEN member’s fund raising efforts, up to a maximum of $2000 per month.

Member Directed Training Camps, aka DIY Training Camp Program

Lastly, many TeamEN members are getting together to schedule cool training camps — adding a fun physical, real world component to their virtual friendships. We want to encourage more of this for 2011 and will donate $400 to any member-directed training camp with over 8 total attendees. Team, look for more details soon, including the application process and deadline.

We have a few more double top secret squirrel ideas and initiatives that we’re not quite ready to share with you yet. Stay tuned!


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