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Ironman® Wisconsin is one of the premier events for TeamEN.  And this year is no different.  We have 30 folks ready to make it happen this Sunday.  And the weather looks like it is going to be amazing!  Meet a few of our team below.

Carl Noftsger

2012 Ironman® Wisconsin Race Captain

My name is Carl Noftsger, I am racing Ironman® Wisconsin as my AAA race.  My goal is to be able to go to the deepest darkest parts of HELL but just before I reach that breaking point open up the secret door inside me only I know how to get to.  I am racing for a greater cause then my pain or the clock.  I am racing for – Children’s Cancer Connection.  I am racing for their pain, I am racing to put a smile on their face’s, I am racing so WE can have, “ The Time of Our Life’s” !!!!!

Very special THANKS to my beautiful bride Alison.  Two week before I was to race Ironman® Wisconsin last year I was involved in a horrific bicycle wreck which involved an ambulance ride to a trauma center, a very scary call home, and a torn ACL, MCL, grade 2 concussion, and my share of deep road rash.

We still made the trip to Madison last year to cheer on the team and me trying to swim with them without success and causing me to twist my knee on the boat ramp.  They had the most beautiful day to race and I was sooooooooo jealous.  After ordering a new bike and gear I promised myself we would come back smarter and stronger.

Well team all the early mornings, hot humid days, rainy days, windy days, hill climbing, non ending hours of staring at a black line, and near misses with cars are over.  The hay is in the barn and stacked WAY high.  Throw away the ignition sources, sit back, relax, and come 9/9/12 we race with big hearts (literally), smiles, tears, and execute like the ninja’s Team EN has made us.

WE will have The Time of Our Live’s!!!!!!

Sarah Kim

Hi team!  I’m Sarah Kim, a 33 year old software consultant hailing from the Windy City, originally from Indianapolis.  This is my 2nd year of triathlons and Wisconsin will be my first full distance.  I volunteered last year and after seeing a lot of miserable faces on the bike course (it was HOT!) I didn’t want to do it.  But then being on State Street later that night completely erased the pictures in my head from earlier in the day and I got up at 5am the next morning to sign up!  I had a great time at the training rally meeting some of you.  I’m excited to be a part of the EN team and look forward to racing with you all on Sept. 9!

J.T. Thompson

Hey Team – I’m J.T. Thompson and fired up to hit that start line at IMMoo….which will be my 2 nd IM after Coeur d’Alene last year.  I mention the start line, because it’s been an adventure this past year just to get to this point.  Why?? Well, literally 4 days after signing up for IMMoo, I had a bike crash where I shattered the collar bone in 5 places, broke 3 ribs and had a collapsed lung.  Months later, after the collar bone was healed, I still couldn’t move my arm to swim – Dr’s finally realized I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder and a bunch of muscles weren’t working – so ended up in surgery for 6 hours and when I came out, it turns out I had a stroke while on the operating table!  Found out that it was caused by a hole in my heart (thus my new excuse on why I haven’t made Kona – yet).   That was just about 6 months ago and having IMMoo on the horizon was my goal to get everything back in order – to Make That Start Line!  So having made it this far, I’m very fired up to be heading to Madison to toe the line..(or maybe I should say float near the line??)

My goal for the day is to enjoy life and take in all the race can give.  My time will be what it is and I’m out to have fun and as Macca would say, to “Enjoy The Suck!”  So I’ll be the one cheering on the fans and encouraging all the racers to meet their goals (especially my brother Bruce) – Just racing and being there will have met mine for now!

Sara Frandrup

My name is Sara Frandrup, I’m 35 years old and live in Saint Louis Park, MN.  I’ve been participating in multisport since 2008 when i started with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and was coached to complete my first du, then my first tri, and then my first marathon.  It was extremely rewarding to train for a reason other then myself and my own personal goals.  I am a Radiation Therapist at a local cancer center and am reminded on a daily basis that your health is not to be taken for granted.  So my “why” for Ironman® is to: “Do it for those who can’t”.  The pain that I know I’ll have on race day is nothing compared to that of a cancer patients pain.  I can’t wait to push myself harder then I ever have and to enjoy the day.  It’s been an incredible journey..

Annie Stokes

Hi Team!  I’m Annie Stokes from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This will be my first Ironman!  Im a 43 yr old stay home mom with two kiddos…Jillian 11, and Andrew 6.  I have been married for 17 years to my best friend and college sweetheart Zac.  I am so blessed to have a super supportive and very understanding family!!  😉  I have been a runner for 32 years and have done numerous marathons in that time.  I began my triathlon career just last year, as I hopped on a road bike for the first time in May 2011.  Needless to say, I am hooked!!  I have done many sprints,  1 Oly and 2 HIMs in that time…and now it is time to step up to the Big Daddy of them all…IRONMAN!  For years I have watched the coverage of Ironman® on tv knowing that “some day” I would do one.  Well, I got hooked into a great training group and hooked up with EN, and I have not looked back.  My goal is to finish with a smile and enjoy the journey to the finish line.  Cheers to all the other EN peeps who will be there with me on race day both participating and spectating…I could not have gotten to the start line without all of you!!!!  Lets.Do.This!

Brian Comiskey

Brian Comiskey (43)
Orland Park, IL
I have two kids, Scott (10) and Dylan (13) that also like to swim, bike, and run. I am very lucky to have a very supportive and patient wife, Michaela.
This will be my 6th Ironman® and my third time at Ironman® Wisconsin with past times of 13:24 (2009) and 12:17 (2011).  This year I am targeting a time that starts with an “11” .  I joined EN over two years ago and have seen my times drop while keeping a better balance between training and the rest of my life.  2012 has been a great training year with a bunch of friends joining EN.  This has totally raised the bar in terms of accountability and motivation. The weekend bike rides are crazy fast.  Huge thanks to the Chi South peeps (Jeff, John, Brian, Tom, Mike, Chip, Kim, and Mel) for pushing me in training.
My mantra during racing is a line from a Radiohead song, ”Here I’m Alive. Everything all of the time.”

Robert Chose

After 39 years on this earth I live in Eden Prairie, mn and I have a beautiful wife, three wonderful kids, a large great dane, and a job I enjoy. I am truly blessed to have found Gods grace in 2002 when I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. Since 2002 I have been at peace and have accomplished more over the last 10 years then I did anything prior to that time. Wisconsin is my first IM ever. I started with sprint and Olympic distances five years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Once I found about EN and their philosophy two years ago I have been setting my eys on this event. I have been able to stay healthy for the most part and when I completed my first HIM in 4:55 this June I was pretty excitted. EN had prepared me for that race and now I knew I could trust the IM plan layed out in front of me. I have planned a surpise for my wife at the finish line that is going to catch her way off gaurd. I think I am more excited for that then anything else. Without her support I am sure the road to the start line would have not been possible. Thank you team and friends, specifically Aaron Wilson who was the one to get me to volunteer last year and before I knew it I was in for Wisconsin 2012. Thanks bud! Good luck to everyone!

Greg Hansen

 I’m Greg Hansen from Oconomowoc, WI and I will be competing in the M35-39 age group.  Wisconsin will be my 4thIM in the last 4 years and probably my last for a while—or at least that is what my wife is telling me.I grew up in Madison and was fortunate to earn a swimming scholarship to my home-town school, the University of Wisconsin.  I swam all 4 years in college, but my longest event lasted about 2 minutes.  After watching a number of former teammates make the leap to Ironman, I decided I should give it a try.  For some reason, it never clicked with me that they were all distance swimmers and I was a breaststroker/sprinter.I’m really looking forward to racing in Madison again this year where I expect to have 25-30 family/friends/co-workers stationed around the course for support, led by my wife Tari and my kids Tyler and Ava.

John Jordens

Hi EN Team, my name is John Jordens and I am 43.  I’m married with two daughters who love to bike (not so much running), so hopefully I’ve got some future triathletes in the making.  I live 2 hours north of Madison WI in Stevens Point.  I’ve dabbled with Ironman® now for 13 yeas as this will be my 4th Ironman® race (1999 Lake Geneva, 2003 Madison, 2009 Louisville) and each time I learn a little bit more (mostly from all my mistakes).  I finally got series about learning how to do Ironman® and just recently joined the EN team, so I’m definitely a newbie to the group. I’m looking forward to the big day and meeting many of you!

Aaron Wilson

My name is Aaron Wilson and I am a 39 year old triathlete from the Twin Cities, MN.  Pictured with me are my wife Ann, daughters Emily (10) and Olivia (7), and son Isaac (5).  I have been racing tris for seven years, mostly short course with a 70.3® last year and year before.  This is my first attempt at IM.
My goals for the day are to *finish* and to finish feeling like I gave it my best effort.
Still undecided on the tattoo!

Richard Shea

I’m Rick Shea from Indianapolis.  I am a cardiologist and father of 2 young athletes (ballet and soccer) who enjoy showing me up at every chance.  This will be my 4th IMWI, and 8th IM overall.  I keep coming back because everything about Wisconsin is perfect for me – the time of year, the water temp, the great crowds, the hard hills, and the way the sun sets about 12 hours into the day.  This will be my 2nd year racing with EN, and my goal is to finish happy and humble so I can keep coming back.

Bruce Thompson

HI Team EN – I’m Bruce Thompson.  I’m 57 and live in Wilmette, IL with my wife Anne and teenagers Andrew (freshman @ Purdue) & Lindsay (senior in HS).  I have been a runner for years including numerous marathon finishes (Chicago, New York, Boston).  I started doing tris in 2010 and had some AG success in local sprints & Oly races.  I’ve been a member of EN since 2010 and this is my 2nd IM racing as part of EN.  I finished Coeur d’Alene last year in 12:50, and I’d like to beat that time @ IMWI.   I’ll be racing with my brother JT, who got me interested in triathlon.  JT is my triathlon “hero” due to his always positive attitude that has helped him overcome numerous injuries, crashes and mishaps to participate and do well in this crazy sport.  Triathlon is something we share and it had made us even closer brothers.  Can’t wait to get on the starting line with him.


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