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Self-Coaching: The Future of Athletic Training and How Endurance Nation is Pioneering the Way

800 798 Patrick McCrann

When it comes to athletic training, the future is clear: it’s the era of the self-coached athlete. Gone are the days when coaching was seen as a one-way street, with a singular voice guiding athletes. Today, athletes crave autonomy, ownership, and empowerment.

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Mastering the Clock: How Time Management Transforms Athletic Performance

800 795 Patrick McCrann

Ever felt you’re too busy to train? You’re not alone. Most of us juggle many roles. Work. Family. Life. It’s tough. So, where does fitness fit in? Often, it’s not about training harder. It’s about training smarter.

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One Training Hack to Rule Them All: The Weekly Recap

800 564 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( as he discusses the importance of a Weekly Recap session as part of your training plan. A shorter feedback loop will allow you to set more relevant, specific goals…and keep you on track! Specific talking points include: The fallacy of black swan changes to your fitness or speed/strength…

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