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Heat Management

Beat the Heat: Practical Cooling Strategies for Athletes

716 352 Patrick McCrann

Did you know that managing your body heat efficiently can make a huge difference in your athletic performance, especially during competitions like triathlons? It’s not just about comfort; it’s about gaining a competitive edge. Let’s dive into some easy-to-apply cooling strategies that you can start using right away. Understanding Your Cooling Needs When you exercise,…

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Five Ways to Manage the Heat

Five Points for Troubleshooting the Heat

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Troubleshooting the heat is a game most endurance athletes play. But what do you do when you’ve already crossed that line? When you’re already in a bad spot?  This is a really tough concept for many athletes to wrestle with, particularly if you haven’t been there before.  We have to have a better framework for…

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Your One Thing for Ironman® Hawaii

Coach P

Every year Team Endurance Nation puts ten to twenty athletes on the biggest triathlon stage on the planet — the world championships of Ironman® Hawaii. Over the years we have learned a great deal about the preparation for this season-ending, life-altering race, and we want to share some of the highlights as well as what…

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