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Five Ways A Successful Half Marathon Will Shape Your Season

444 480 Patrick McCrann

Every winter our athletes participate in the Endurance Nation OutSeason® . This program is designed to build threshold strength on both the bike and run – your one hour power, if you will. There are multiple tests throughout the program and plenty of quality workouts, but there’s really only one run training session that we care about: the final…

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The 2017 OutSeason® Plans by Endurance Nation are Live!

719 703 Patrick McCrann

What is the OutSeason® by Endurance Nation? Our OutSeason® Training Plans reflect the unique Endurance Nation training philosophy of putting FAST before FAR. In just fouteen weeks (14) you will build incredible bike and run fitness, setting the tone for the remainder of your season. Over the past ten years more than 5,000 athletes have taken…

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EN Podcast

2017 OutSeason® Overview & Launch

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P breaks down the elements of the 2017 OutSeason® training plans — what’s changed, why, and what it means for you. If you are pumped to have a great 2017 season, don’t miss this podcast! Problems & Benefits What is the OS?…

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Watts per Kilo, and Koach Dick’s Watts Per Kilo Klub

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The OutSeason® is a great time for our athletes to have fun while training, and that comes from an understanding of how watts per kilo affects their output.

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Getting Fast – Coach Patrick's 2012 Season Start

Coach P

Coach Patrick on the Lake Placid Course I started the 2012 Ironman® triathlon training and racing season with some very lofty performance goals. It was clear to me at the end of last year that while I was fitter, the competition was getting stronger, not to mention that the overall number of slots for Kona…

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Monthly Triathlete Testimonials: February 2010

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Every month we collect the testimonials and feedback from our member athletes and training plan users. We are laser-focused on delivering great training plans, and listening to what our folks have to say is a huge part of how we do business.

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