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racing a triathlon in the heat

How to Race a Triathlon in the Heat

800 800 Mariah Bridges

  Racing the Elements: How to Race in the Heat   Triathlon racing season spans all of the seasons, which means, all kinds of weather. Nothing seems to bring on the grunts more like racing in the heat. Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P pushes onwards…

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RaceSaver™ Bag Review: How It Will Improve Your Next Race

800 597 Patrick McCrann

When is the last time you did a triathlon and you weren’t struggling with the heat? The debate rages about global warming, but on race day there is no doubt: races are getting hotter and harder by the year. By the time you get to the run, it’s no longer about how fit you are.…

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