Endurance Nation 2020 Gift Guide

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Annual Gift Guide


2020 has been one helluva year. Almost feels surreal to finally be putting this Annual Gift Guide together. In a way, it also feels a little selfish given how challenging things have been across the globe. I think it’s OK to still step back and keep with traditions that create joy for other people. I hope that you can find some joy here inside this guide whether it’s for yourself or someone you care about. Let’s go!

Feeding America

During these difficult times, people from all walks of life are struggling. One of the most common threads has to deal with food insecurity. You can make a difference by finding your local food bank and donating food or money to help make a difference.



Workouts in your ears. Anywhere you go. Unlimited access to thousands of workouts. More than 30 new classes every week – in popular categories and growing.  Perfect for that special someone trying to build a fitness habit. 

Shop Here: https://aaptiv.com/




One of the biggest power-ups you can make to maximize all the “dead time” you have in the car, walking or doing chores! Make the most of your time with business, learning or entertaining books (that you’d otherwise NEVER read): www.endurancenation.us/audible



Halo Neurosciencea

Halo Neuroscience

Geek alert! Neuroplasticity is clearly one of the next game-changing technology for athletes. How does it work? Halo Sport leverages the ability to create and change neural connections in the brain to improve your ability to learn and perform complex skills, perform repetitive movements more efficiently, and remodel muscle contractions for greater strength.

Shop: haloneuro.com

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 5.0

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. This Ultra Vest is a trail runner’s best friend, with two bottle holsters up front, a pocket for a hydration reservoir in the back, and additional pockets for ample storage, all within a sleek and compact package

Buy it: ultimatedirection.com


Strava Premium Membership

Something you can use every day. $60 provides access to a ton of value with Strava Premium. Compared to the free version, Premium adds advanced data analysis tools, Beacon to keep athletes safe, a route builder, GPX export and import, a new Clubs feature, and more.

Shop: strava.com/gopremium



Handlebar Moustache

Great cycling socks can mean the difference between enjoying a cold-weather ride and being completely miserable. The husband-and-wife team at HBStache creates stylish and high-quality socks that last a lot longer than other socks we’ve tried.

Shop: hbstache.com



ZealiosZealios Body Care Bundle

Endurance sports can be hard on an athlete’s skin and hair, and our partners at Zealios have products that care for athletes from start to finish. The “Full Line” bundle includes an SPF 45 sun barrier and Betwixt skin lubricant/chamois cream for during your workout, as well as body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to help you look and feel great for the rest of the day.

Shop: teamzealios.com



You would never believe how long a pair of $25 shades could last. Whatever your favorite style or color, Goodr probably has it. The best part: On the run, these things don’t bounce or budge.



Whole HumanWhole Human LED Safety Lights

Using the included straps, you can attach these lights almost anywhere—to a wrist, ankle, or bike frame—for increased visibility. And you simply can’t beat the price on Amazon.

Get a set for the entire family, the bike and the pets. Impersonate a UFO in your next workout. Do whatever it takes, just stay safe!!!

Shop: On Amazon




Etched Marathon Glasses

Etched Marathon Pint Glass

What better way for them to celebrate finishing a marathon than by imbibing from a glass with the race’s route on it? The vessel is also a good conversation starter (read: an excuse to regale others with tales of running exploits).

Shop: Uncommon Goods

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