Race Results Update – 11/7/12

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What an amazing couple of weeks. We’ve got your Team EN Race results from Florida here among other races from October, raking in a harvest of a 100% PR rate. WELL DONE! Read their stories below!

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Races on 10/20/12

Mac Caudill raced in the Beach to Battleship and earned himself a PR with the time of 11:27:04. Mac said, “Despite having an IM PR 3 months prior to this race, I was able to improve that time by another 44 minutes, including a sub 4-hr marathon (3:59… my standalone marathon time is 3:43).  Without the  coaches and team’s guidance, this wouldn’t have been possible!”

Races on 10/28/12

Juan Vergara

Juan Vergara raced in Ironman® Miami and has no trouble tooting his own horn about his awesome PR. “Completed Ironman® Miami 70.3® with a HUGE PB (4:52 versus prior PB of 5:30). How? Simple: just followed R&P training and execution guidance 100%, followed core diet nutrition guidelines 100%, followed Matt’s and Al’s heat guidance 100% ….. EXECUTION EXECUTION EXECUTION!!!! Thanks EN!!!! I love this nation!!!!!! Thanks to ALL!!!!!!”

Jimmy Augustine raced the WTC Austin 70.3 and said, “This was my second time on this course and I only re-raced this course to compare “Pre EN” me with “EN me.” No contest there. “EN Me” crushed the old me and it was as much execution as it was increased FTP or Vdot.  In fact, my Vdot is the same as it was prior to joining EN 5 or so months ago. But my run time was 15 minutes faster. Execution.” Read more about Jimmy’s day in Austin here.


Races on 11/3/12

Ironman® Florida

This was Marian DeSimone‘s first Ironman, and she raced with a final time of 15:30:73. “From the very beginning of joining EN, I used all my triathlon experience and turned myself over to the EN training plan,” Marian said. “I took the 4 keys to heart and on race day I simply executed what I had trained for. The result was a fantastic first IronMan with a performance that was spot on for what I had anticipated.  I can’t see why anyone would compete in an IronMan without following this methodology. Thank yo so much for helping me ensure that my first event of this distance had such an outstanding outcome!! (ps:  Coach Pat and Coach Rich are the funniest and most genuine athletes I know!)”

Read more Florida results here.

Chris Hardbeck bested his time by 42 minutes saying, “Very prepared for the big day.  And still had a very busy family and work life that I was able to give the appropriate attention to.  EN is vital to the time strapped Age Grouper who wants to improve, compete, and have fun in such a demanding sport.”

Gene Gallagher finished with a time of 10:53:51, nabbing PR. “It is an amazing thing to be able to race the last 8 miles of an Ironman® marathon,” said Gene. “It was all set up on the day by making good decisions, problem solving, and following the EN plan.  From mile 18-22 I counted 125 people I passed, then the numbers got to high, but the passing never stopped all the way to the finish line.  I negative split the power on the bike (but conciously decided to undercook it) and I negative split the marathon! EN Rocks!” Read more about Gene’s day at Florida here.

John Hamel was excited about his performance at his first IM. “I am absolutely ecstatic about my first IM experience and can’t thank RnP enough. The EN IM training and racing protocols are amazing. Unlike most of my other first-time finisher friends, I finished the last eight miles of the run faster and stronger than the first 18 and with a huge, confident smile on my face. Feeling good at the finish could typically be attributed to going too easy earlier in the race, but I finished my first IM in 10:46 so all I can say is that Work definitely Works!!!  I still can’t believe that I finished my first IM sub-11 hours and felt as good as I did at the finish!!  EN is the best, most efficient, most logical, least over-loaded training program that I’ve experienced and my performance at Florida and PR’s at other HIM’s this year is proof that Work Works.”

Sarah Cooper placed in her age group and had an unbelievable PR of 1:32 and finished the season with a big heap of excitement. “I’m still overwhelmed by how successful my season was this year,” said Sarah. “I’ve been on the podium at every local race I entered, and placed 9th in my age group at IMFL. Thanks for a great year!”



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