ENPodcast – #616 – Holiday Gift Guide

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EN Podcast

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P dives into the holiday shopping season with some help from our family of incredible Sponsors. With more than 40 discounts and deals for our members, there’s just so much we had to share with you!!!

Sponsor / Product List

TriSports – www.trisports.com – Your one stop shop for all things triathlon.

REV3 Quassy — www.rev3tri.com – Real racing, fun for the whole family.

VeloFix – www.velofix.com – Your own personal bike mechanic…with house calls!

Ventum – www.ventumracing.com — The classic Ventum ONE and the new Ventum Z.

Compex – www.compexusa.com – Fast track your recovery, performance and strength training.

InsideTracker – www.insidetracker.com – Turn self-knowledge into your super power advantage!

Stryde – www.stryd.com — The running pwoermeter!

BikeFlights – www.bikeflights.com – Make race travel easy again!

Roka – www.roka.com — Awesome run gear / sunglasses

Xterra Boards – www.xterraboards.com – A family-friendly addition to your triathlon lifestyle.

Quarq – www.quarq.com – Take your training and racing to the next level!

RaceSaver Bag — www.mile18inc.com – Beat the heat in your next race!!!

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