Five Things We Think You Should Know [Endurance Insider]

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Here are some of coolest things we’ve seen, bought and are considering doing.

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Get the inside scoop: While “the industry” is pervasive in our sport, there are still some incredible start up things that have emerged thanks to folks — like you — backing some great projects. Here are the Five Best Triathlon Products to Come From Kickstarter.

If you don’t listen to your body, who will? Learning to listen to you body is a lesson most Type A endurance athletes begrudgingly accept after breaking themselves for the 97th time. Do yourself a favor and listen to smart folks like the author of this article: Strong like a Spartan – Heart Rate Variability.

The (cycling) game is changing as we type! Speaking of “the industry” you still can’t ignore what the mainstream is all about. These days with Interbike shrinking, it’s All Eyes on Sea Otter! for the latest and greatest cycling tech. Think of it like Coachella for cycling! Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Just when you thought you were super badass… Want to SkyDive? Want to Run a Race? How about both?! The worlds first and only SkyDive Race! Start with a SkyDive then either a 10k, half marathon, full marathon or Ultra Marathon with a guaranteed PR for the first 2 miles!

No Pain, No Gain. Extra pain…potentially not your fault… Ever do a marathon? Ever feel like crap after the marathon? Ever not be able to walk properly for days after the marathon? It might not just be you…it’s possible that post marathon sore-ness in your genes.

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