Second Annual UltraMay Recap

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UltraMay 2021 Hall of Fame

We. Are. Done. 

Three virtual events later, the three-part Endurance Nation ENVEREST Challenge series is complete. Kudos to all who participated in these events — especially those of you who suffered through UltraMay in late May 2021. 

UltraMay Hall of Fame inductees for 2021 are listed in the picture ^above^. 

What is UltraMay? 

Perfect for those of you looking to “replace” an early season event…or build an excellent base for the rest of the season. Beware, the rules of this virtual event will challenge your mental and physical endurance. Strategery is important!

Per tradition, participants have to complete one hour of exercise within every 4-hour window. There are six four-hour blocks in a day. This will require 6 x 1-hour training sessions. You have your choice of sports here just as long as you stay on schedule!

There are three different levels of completion based on the total duration you select. Each level still requires participants to keep the “1 hour of work in every 4-hour window” routine. Your choice of sports; as long as it shows up on Strava we are good.

The event starts between 8 pm and 12 am EDT on a Friday in May (TBD) and ends between 4 pm and 8 pm EDT on Sunday. 

  • Level 1: 24 Hour Cycle, 6 hours of training. 
  • Level 2: 36 Hours, 9 hours of training.
  • Level 3: 48 Hours, 12 hours of training. 

Why UltraMay? 

Events like UltraMay provide participants with the opportunity to test their physical and mental limits. Typically a race is required for this level of self-learning. But races are expensive, and these days they are harder to come by. UltraMay and similar challenges allow you to take charge of your training and curate experiences that meet your needs.

Who needs to waste a weekend for a 6-hour event when you can create your own epic adventure by connecting with Team Endurance Nation?

It’s simply a better Return On Investment to roll your own event. Bonus that you can do it from home and have all the amenities you need to be successful. It’s a great early season “test” of your fitness and systems. It’s also a great stepping stone to future, more epic events.   

Or maybe you’d just do it for the epic swag? We would totally understand…

UltraMay Swag

You Can Find Our Other Events Online

We are constantly building new challenges to support our athletes and their ambitions and overall development. You can stay on top of these opportunities by joining our newsletter or by visiting the Endurance Nation website:

If real-world events are your preference, then head over to our Mile18 camp website to see what else we have in store for you!

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