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Episode 639: Early Season Race Execution Lessons Learned

  Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P discusses some early season racing tips. There are plenty of lessons learned inside Team Endurance Nation once the races start — this podcast is a quick review…

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Placid Camp Into the Mountains

2016 Lake Placid Training Camp Day One Recap

Our 16th year here in the Adirondacks saw smaller group of about 12 campers come together for the weekend. For the entire week leading up to the race the weather looked awful. But on Thursday things cleared up setting us up for a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately, as we were to find out later, clear skies…

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2015 Blue Ridge Cycling Camp Day Three Recap: Beech Mountain

Day 3: Mast Gap Annex, Beech Mountain, Shulls Mill and even a Jagaround! After riding Mount Mitchell, it’s hard to find something that folks will still find epic. The answer? Shorten the ride to the suffering but work even harder! Beech Mountain is a three mile climb that averages around 9%. It so happened that…

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Four Keys Lake Placid Bike Course Preview Podcast

Join Coach Patrick for this insider preview of the Lake Placid Bike Course. From the descent to the flats to the secret climbs to Wilmington, it’s here. This is part of our Four Keys pre-race strategy series. If you or someone you know is racing, please RSVP for the live, FREE talk on Friday July 25th at…

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The Four Keys of Race Execution | Sample EN's Updated Seminar

Ironman® Triathlon Execution Seminar: Lesson #1 — The Four Keys Over the past decade, we’ve developed a program of key elements to help guide our athletes to better performance and higher rates of success in the execution of their races. We’ve found that there are four elements that propel athletes forward, and they are based more…

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2013 Endurance Nation Wisconsin Training Camp Recap

Coach Rich Strauss conducted a three day training camp, August 1 through 4, on the Ironman® Wisconsin course for TeamEN members and fans racing IMWI. Rich has raced Wisconsin three times, with a Kona qualifying PR of 10:05, has coached hundreds to the event, and 2013 was his 8th training camp in Madison. The following…

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Insider Secrets of Ironman Race Day Damage Control

Hopefully There When You Need Them, But Be Ready If They Aren’t! After standing on the sidelines of Lake Placid and Louisville this year, I am reminded of two contradictory things. First, how easy my job is. Second, how important it is that I am there. My advice ranges from the profound to the mundane,…

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